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Chief Fun Officer sounded like a fun job
Why it matters: In their never-ending quest to recruit and retain talent, companies have gone to great lengths to make the office a fun place to be. You can mock the companies that offer beer fridges, foosball, in-office concerts, nap pods, etc., but research suggests those perks work when it comes to keeping employees happy. This article examines things the social stars of the office (aka Chief Fun Officers) should consider when planning the good times.

Shout out to my colleague Aaron Lawrence. Before he moved to San Francisco to open SmartBrief's office in the City by the Bay, Aaron was the Chief Fun Officer at our HQ in DC. He's got mad ping-pong skills and the softball coaching acumen that should make Major League Baseball teams wanna offer him a managing contract. Hello, Astros? Ahem, Red Sox?

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