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Ken Jennings may be named the best "Jeopardy!" player ever tonight

Why it matters: The "Jeopardy!" Greatest of All Time tournament has been leading in the ratings and sparking conversation this past week -- but it could come to an end tonight, if Ken Jennings wins his third match. I've loved having an extra hour of "Jeopardy!" almost every day, but I'm surprised that Brad Rutter hasn't fared better so far. If he or James Holzhauer, who's won one match, wins tonight (starting at 8 p.m. Eastern on ABC), the tournament will continue tomorrow. And if you've been inspired to try out for the show, sign up for the online test later this month. -- Cathy (the WYWW "Jeopardy!" expert)  Quartz (tiered subscription model) (1/14), New York Post (1/9)

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