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Marketers got cozy

Why it matters: It appears marketers have figured out that a society of people who can do more and more from the comfort of their own home might appreciate ad campaigns that appeal to coziness. But it's not just couch and bedding companies, everyone is getting cozy.

"Domestic cozy" vs. "Premium mediocrity": The best quote from the article is this nugget from Venkatesh Rao of Ribbonfarm that attempts to explain the cozy trend:

"Instagram, Tinder, kale salads, and Urban Outfitters are premium mediocre. Minecraft, YouTube, cooking at home, and knitting are domestic cozy. ... Premium mediocrity expends enormous energy preserving the illusion of normalcy. Domestic cozy slouches into the weirdness and simply ignores it."

What if someone does none of the above?  Vox (1/15)

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