Why you need to hear criticism of your startup | Credit card startup targets influencers | Report: Silicon Valley remains top startup ecosystem
June 26, 2020
SmartBrief on Entrepreneurs
The Lead
Alexa von Tobel launched LearnVest in the middle of the financial crisis, despite advice that it was a bad time to start a business. She learned during the process that if a person doesn't have critical feedback about the startup, then it's important to find someone else because those are questions future investors could ask.
Full Story: Inc. (6/23) 
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Today In Startups
Startup Karat has designed a credit card for influencers, who can have difficulty accessing traditional lines of credit. Karat looks at social media metrics, diversification and income in card applications, and it only makes money from per-transaction merchant fees rather than interest.
Full Story: Wired (tiered subscription model) (6/25) 
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Startup Genome has ranked the top 30 ecosystems for startups based on performance, funding and other metrics. Silicon Valley took the top spot for another year, with New York City, London, Beijing and Boston rounding out the top five.
Full Story: Crunchbase (6/25) 
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Make Your Startup Better
How to be inclusive of nonbinary and trans employees
(Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images)
Implementing inclusive company policies and using inclusive language are among ways companies can create a supportive environment for transgender and nonbinary employees. "Holding company leadership accountable in how they clear the way for transgender and nonbinary inclusivity is particularly important," writes Hill Winans.
Full Story: Fast Company online (6/25) 
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Entrepreneurs who hone both their analytical and empathetic sides and know which to draw on in various circumstances can cultivate trust in their teams and solve problems efficiently, writes JotForm founder and CEO Aytekin Tank. Pay attention to which approach you tend to take and make a habit of switching between the two, he writes.
Full Story: Entrepreneur (6/25) 
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Funding, IPOs and Acquisitions
When Entrepreneurs Fail
Neglecting to identify threats from the competition or define the marketing team's scope are among the seven missteps entrepreneurs can make in their marketing strategy, writes Tim Johnson of Upraise Marketing and Public Relations. Other mistakes include failing to update how the company is positioned and letting disconnects between marketing and sales staff grow.
Full Story: PR Daily (6/26) 
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In life, you need to bet on yourself again and again.
LearnVest founder Alexa von Tobel, as quoted in Inc.
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