Don't let success go to your head | Basic economy might be bad for fliers, but it's smart strategy | Adaptive coaching can help sales reps thrive
October 18, 2018
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Don't let success go to your head
The worst part about success is that it can stall our learning, as we become overconfident and stop listening to other people, LaRae Quy writes. "To become an expert means that we move the marker down the line to show progress has been made," she writes.
SmartBrief/Leadership (10/17) 
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Basic economy might be bad for fliers, but it's smart strategy
Basic economy might be bad for fliers, but it's smart strategy
The airline industry is an example of how offering clear pricing tiers, starting with a cheap option that offers little or no perks, sets customer expectations and helps them decide whether to spend more, write Thomas A. Stewart and Patricia O'Connell. "By creating a class of service many passengers shun, basic economy appears to have made ordinary service seem less bad," they write.
Strategy+Business online (free registration) (10/17) 
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Sales Strategies
Adaptive coaching can help sales reps thrive
Sales managers should devote more time to coaching and skill development to help representatives improve and meet goals, writes C. Lee Smith. Through adaptive learning, managers personalize their coaching efforts for each rep's needs and provide information in small bites for more effective retention.
Association for Talent Development (10/16) 
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How to cut down on meetings -- or at least make them better
You can prevent meetings from disrupting your day by determining if you need to attend, whether the information could be exchanged electronically or if someone else could go in your place, writes Scott Matteson. If attendance is required, hold fast to the agenda and keep yourself on schedule by lining up your meetings consecutively, he writes.
TechRepublic (10/16) 
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Help sales teams communicate while on the move
It can be difficult to maintain user communication quality when sales representatives are on the move and regularly changing their connectivity, writes Skip Chilcott. A formal user adoption program will help sales reps and other users make better use of communication tools while considering factors such as whether a wireless or Wi-Fi connection is in use.
No Jitter (10/15) 
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Daily Data Points
US dollar surges as Fed signals interest-rate hike
US dollar surges as Fed signals interest-rate hike
(Scott Olson/Getty Images)
The US dollar gained ground Wednesday as the Federal Reserve released minutes from its September meeting that indicate another rate increase is likely in 2018.
Reuters (10/17),  MarketWatch (10/17) 
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This Week's Sales Cartoon
Mark Anderson sales cartoon
(Mark Anderson)
On the Road
Top hotels pursue designs with the business guest in mind
Palacio Tangara in Brazil and Claridge's Map Room in London are prime examples of hotels that have been designed with the modern business traveler in mind. The Cognac Room at the St. Regis New York has established itself as a comfortable refuge for business meetings.
Luxury Travel Magazine online (10/16) 
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App Update
CRM can help companies offer personalized service
A new era of sales has begun, in which customers expect sales teams to understand their needs while offering personalized services using tech such as customer relationship management platforms, according to Justin Shriber, vice president of marketing for LinkedIn. "Customers have Alexa and Netflix at home, and they expect salespeople to have that same familiarity of who they are and what they need," he said.
eWeek (10/17) 
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Palm smartphone offers users functionality on a smaller screen
Verizon is offering customers the option to purchase the new Palm smartphone, an "ultra-mobile" device that features a 3.3-inch display and runs a full version of Android 8.1. The phone is envisioned as an "add-on" device that shares a number with a primary phone for users who want to spend less time on their smartphones without sacrificing the functionality that comes with apps.
TechCrunch (10/15),  The Verge (10/15) 
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Making Small Talk
Artificial moon in Chinese city planned for 2020
With the hope of replacing streetlights, officials in Chengdu, China, are planning to implement an "artificial moon" -- a targeted illumination satellite that is eight times brighter than the moon. The launch is expected to happen in 2020, according to the Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics System Research Institute.
People's Daily (China) (10/16) 
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When small men begin to cast big shadows, it means the sun is about to set.
Lin Yutang,
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