Report: Marketers get serious about mixed reality | Q&A: Facebook's Simon Whitcombe on CPA, ad rates, machine learning | Twitter crafts plan to combat "deepfake" content
November 12, 2019
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Report: Marketers get serious about mixed reality
Consumer mixed reality app installs are surging, and marketers are following suit with expected ad spending of $11 billion by 2024, a significant increase compared with $2 billion this year, according to Juniper Research. Some 75% of these consumers are expected to make in-app purchases, but abandonment rates are high, so Juniper urges developers to follow players such as Snap and Niantic that are regularly updating offerings.
MediaPost Communications (11/11),  Mobile Marketing Magazine (11/11) 
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Stand the ‘Test’ of Time with Quality Engineering
A key differentiator that sets a media platform apart is the quality of experience it offers to consumers. To build this experience, it is imperative to have a robust testing strategy in place. Register for this webinar to explore CNBC’s Quality Engineering journey and their success with QE operations strategy.
Marketing Trends
Q&A: Facebook's Simon Whitcombe on CPA, ad rates, machine learning
Facebook isn't just a social platform for marketers, it's an advertiser itself, and Facebook Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions Simon Whitcombe has insight from both perspectives. In this interview, he discusses the problem with relying solely on the cost per acquisition metric, how rising Facebook rates are tied to its machine learning costs, the importance of authentic creativity and the challenges of monetizing Stories.
AdExchanger (11/11) 
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Unlock Hashed Email Data For the Holiday Season
Don't have a direct relationship with consumers? Gain access to nearly 600M privacy-safe Hashed Emails. This identifier can expand The Tapad Graph by up to 5 additional digital identifiers per individual; filling in email associations and granting a more complete customer view. Read more.
Mobile Focus
Twitter crafts plan to combat "deepfake" content
Twitter crafts plan to combat "deepfake" content
Twitter has designed a draft proposal to combat nefarious content that's "synthetic or manipulated ... that's intentionally trying to mislead or confuse people," according to a company blog post, and is welcoming comments through Nov. 27 via an online survey and #TwitterPolicyFeedback. Plans include placing notices next to suspected tweets, warning individuals before sharing content and adding links to sources.
TechCrunch (11/11),  Reuters (11/11) 
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What stands in the way of elevated CX?
To create customer experiences that give brands a competitive edge, nearly three out of four marketing leaders surveyed in a Deloitte-commissioned study said they need better analytics and AI. Find out how 400+ B2B and B2C companies are surmounting these challenges to drive growth. Download Deloitte Digital’s infographic
Company Watch
Advertisers lukewarm on Walmart's Vudu ad service
Walmart had high hopes for generating revenue by enabling brands to target ads on its streaming Vudu service based on its shopper data, but marketers say tepid consumer interest and an unresponsive sales partner are making it a less-than-ideal investment, writes Tim Peterson. "Vudu's scale is one of their downfalls," says PMG's Natalee Geldert, noting, "Their customer base is just not growing at the rate of other platforms or services."
Digiday (tiered subscription model) (11/12) 
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Jivox launches tool to fill cookie void
Jivox launches tool to fill cookie void
Jivox is launching Jivox IQiD, a tool based on hybrid cloud technology that enables marketers to collect, maintain and utilize consensual first-party consumer data to craft promotional initiatives. "We have been trying to develop a solution that assumes third-party cookies would go away and that also adheres to the privacy concerns that are the reason that browsers are moving in that direction," says Jivox founder and CEO Diaz Nesamoney.
Marketing Land (11/11) 
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Brands & Campaigns
Warner Bros. unveils first AR movie trailer for "Scoob!"
Warner Bros. Pictures is touting "Scoob!" with a YouTube video that marks the first time a movie trailer has incorporated augmented reality, enabling viewers to take selfies with a puppy Scooby-Doo. "[T]oday's digitally savvy audiences want new ways to connect with the trailer-viewing experience," says Warner Bros.' Andrew Hotz.
Adweek (tiered subscription model) (11/11) 
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Policy & Research
Report: Timing social media posts for maximum impact
US marketers that want to gain the most consumer attention to social media posts should consider alternating communications between the Eastern and Central time zones, according to CoSchedule, which analyzed its data and numerous studies. Research also revealed that the optimal time to engage with consumers is:
  • Instagram: 1-5 p.m. and Fridays;
  • Facebook: 9 a.m. and Thursdays to Sundays;
  • Twitter: 8-10 a.m. and 6-9 p.m.;
  • LinkedIn: 10 a.m. to noon and on Wednesdays; and
  • Pinterest: 8-11 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 a.m.
HubSpot (11/11) 
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Report: E-commerce ad spending surged during Q3
E-commerce ad spending increased 115% during the third quarter compared with the same time in 2018 and rose 51% from the second quarter, according to Marin Software, which attributes the growth to Amazon's Prime Day and the back-to-school season. "While Amazon is growing rapidly, they are growing the digital pie rather than stealing from Google and Facebook," says Marin's Wes MacLaggan.
Multichannel Merchant (11/11) 
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IAB News
IAB Europe & IAB Tech Lab release updated Transparency & Consent Framework
IAB Europe & IAB Tech Lab release updated Transparency & Consent Framework
IAB Europe, the leading European-level industry association for the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem, in partnership with IAB Tech Lab, announced the launch of the second iteration of the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF). The TCF is an industry tool that supports companies within the digital advertising ecosystem as they manage their compliance obligations under the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive. This follows a 12-month review period which has included market feedback from all sectors of the digital advertising industry, notably publishers and nine meetings with Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) throughout Europe.

Read more.
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IAB Leadership Training: Media Sales
IAB Leadership Training: Media Sales
You're at the top of your media sales game. Make sure you stay there with IAB Leadership Training: Media Sales. In two days, you'll learn how to build and run an innovative sales team in today's rapidly evolving digital ecosystem. Learn more.
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