Spotlight on the Freedom to Stock Premium Juice for Optimum Health | It’s Safe to Say Prune Juice from California is a Pantry Powerhouse | Why California Prune Juice?
July 30, 2020
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Spotlight on Why Prune Juice Sourcing Matters
Now more than ever, it is so important to understand the full benefits of foods consumed and recommended to others. California Prune Juice is ripe for the choosing when it comes to health, wellness, and California safety standards. Only prune juice made from California Prunes delivers what consumers are looking for: a shelf-stable favorite made with real fruit grown in California orchards, that packs a powerful punch of important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.
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It’s Safe to Say Prune Juice from California is a Pantry Powerhouse
Whether you are a retailer, registered dietitian or a consumer, it’s important to seek out California Prune Juice to ensure a product that not only consistently tastes the best, but also delivers the functionality that consumers are seeking. Prune Juice – made from prunes grown and dried in California – offers no adulteration with a sweet taste and all the benefits that support optimum health. With essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin K, potassium, sorbitol, fiber and iron, the nutrients in California Prune Juice form a web of vital functions that support overall health and the immune system, all for less than 200 calories per glass. As a decision-maker, you can help ensure that California Prune Juice is the only prune juice on store shelves and in the shopping cart. Learn more now.
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Why California Prune Juice?
Only California invests in nutrition and crop research to expand their knowledge and improve fruit quality. California Prunes are consistently reliable from the highest agricultural standards of any nation to the climate-controlled tunnels for drying the fruit, balancing temperature, humidity and time for perfect sweetness. It takes the best prunes in the world to make the best-tasting prune juice in the world, and that’s why California matters. Read more.
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CA prune company profile
Created in 1952, the California Prune Board aims to amplify the premium positioning and top-of-mind awareness of California prunes through advertising, public relations, promotion, nutrition research, crop management and sustainability research, and issues management. The board represents approximately 800 prune growers and 28 prune, juice, and ingredient handlers to support the health, growth, and integrity of the California Prune industry.
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