Intermittent fasting gained followers in 2019 | Keto is out, intermittent fasting is in | Have you tried intermittent fasting?
December 12, 2019
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Intermittent fasting gained followers in 2019
Why it matters: The time to make New Year's resolutions is coming up, and that leads many of us to make choices about nutrition. "Intermittent fasting" was Google's most-searched diet term of the year, as a previous fave, keto, dropped out of the top 10. Nothing tops moderate, healthy choices, but as this list bears out, people are always looking for a new approach. -- Paula
Full Story: Insider (12/12) 
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Have you tried intermittent fasting?
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Why it matters: A LinkedIn list of emerging jobs reports that demand for artificial intelligence specialists has grown 74% in the past four years, the fastest profession of all, with expected earnings potential of $140,000 per year. This is important for people choosing careers and people switching careers. It's also notable that some positions requiring people skills are still contenders. -- Paula
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Why it matters: I feel as though "that decade was a doozy" could be said about any decade, but 2010 to (almost) 2020 has been remarkable. The iPhone 4 did feel like such a revolutionary addition in 2010, and Steve Jobs was around to birth it. Now, most iPhone 4's are relegated to the "has-been" pile and Steve Jobs is no longer with us. I wonder what the list will be by 2030. -- Paula
Full Story: The Verge (12/12) 
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Why it matters: Small backpacks that serve as purses are popular, but designer Moschino has gone to the other extreme, introducing a human-sized, super-wide red backpack and other extra-extra-large bags as part of its latest collection. The bags quickly prompted Twitter jokes and just confirmed that in fashion, looks often matter more than comfort or functionality. -- Cathy
Full Story: AOL News (12/12) 
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Why it matters: Having successfully raised a boy past his teenage years, my main question here is why this hadn't happened before. A school bus in Parrish, Fla., had to be evacuated because the cloud of Axe body spray created so much discomfort. Seems like a junior Florida Man story to me. -- Paula
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Seen and Heard
Why it matters: The last full moon of the 2010s rose today -- 12/12 -- at 12:12 a.m. Eastern time. If you missed it, check out these 12 breathtaking photos from around the country, including one taken at 12:12:12 a.m. -- Cathy
Full Story: WHBQ-TV (Memphis, Tenn.) (12/12) 
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For Your Viewing Pleasure
As you can probably imagine, I predict a definite "yes" for this film production of Lin-Manuel Miranda's "In the Heights" to be a smash. I first saw the play when I reviewed a Tallahassee production two years ago, and I was so taken by it. Give me plenty of New York references and some incredible lyrics and I'm hooked! -- Paula
Full Story: National Public Radio (12/12) 
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For Your Reading Pleasure
Why it matters: Whenever I go to someone's home for the first time, I go right to their bookshelves to see what titles they have. If I was visiting someplace that had the furniture made from books featured in this article, I might never leave. The furniture is eye-catching and seems like a good way to reuse books that would otherwise be trashed, but I hope someone actually got to read them before they were repurposed. -- Cathy
Full Story: Book Riot (12/12) 
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People Do Cool Things
Why it matters: The American Dream mega mall in New Jersey is going to have a draw no other place in North America can claim with its indoor ski slope. Dubai has one, as do 29 other places around the world. Champion skier Lindsey Vonn pronounced the slope's snow as "nice, light and fluffy." I suspect its investors hope the returns are nice, heavy and substantial." -- Paula
Full Story: The Telegraph (Alton, Ill.) (12/12) 
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Wait ... What?!?!
Why it matters: I think most people would agree that the best part of horse racing is seeing all of the creative names the horses get. It's not often that a horse lives up to an eccentric name, but that's exactly what happened when Touch of Generator got caught in an active power line. Luckily, the horse appears to be OK. In honor of Touch of Generator, I'm going to buy a horse, name it Billionaire and see what happens. --Evan
Full Story: United Press International (12/12) 
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Here and There
Why it matters: The film "Little Joe" starts off with the promise of a plant that can cure anxiety and depression. Wouldn't it be great if that were an option? Apparently it's not an option, at least in the world created by this film. -- Paula
Full Story: Vox (12/12) 
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This is Cool
Why it matters: I have to admit having mixed feelings about this one. It's fantastic that people who speak different languages will now have a way -- via their cellphones -- to communicate more easily. But there's something rewarding about working hard to learn a new language that shows you are invested in the people whose language you're trying to learn that vanishes if the translating is left up to an app. -- Paula
Full Story: USA Today (12/12) 
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Deep Dive
Why it matters: In the 19 years and 39 seasons CBS' "Survivor" has been on the air, it has never had to remove a player for unacceptable behavior. That changed after last night's episode (spoiler alert) when Dan Spilo was taken out of the competition after an off-camera incident that did not involve another player. That incident came after Spilo was issued a warning earlier in the season after contestant Kellee Kim accused him of "inappropriate touching." 

In its early years, "Survivor" was merely a game to see who could outwit, outplay and outlast other competitors on a remote island. But in recent years, it's become a vehicle for social commentary, too. Along the way, it has blurred the lines between what is and isn't acceptable behavior in a game setting. This particular game is rooted in social dynamics, so even if someone behaves poorly, they can get away with it if they hold enough power in the game. This season, Kim was eliminated long before Spilo was removed from the island. In that sense, one can say the game mirrors real life. In an era marked by increased accountability for sexual misconduct, maybe it's not that surprising that a game has evolved with society. --Evan
Full Story: WRC-TV (Washington, D.C.) (12/12) 
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Your Future
Happy Hour Fun
Why it matters: These thin mint drinks sound perfect for a chilly winter night. I love all things thin mint, so I would definitely give one a whirl. -- Paula
Full Story: Dallas Observer (12/12) 
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WYWW Playlist
Sean created a WYWW playlist on Spotify to keep track of all the songs listed in this space. For more recommendations of Latin artists, check out this list.
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Enjoy the View
Sunset ... Sanibel Island, Florida
This photo was submitted by Lori Williams.
Full Story: Flickr (9/10) 
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