High court to weigh case raising issue of social media censorship | Some N.C. counties cite struggles with early-voting requirements | Federal judge clears way for student-loan borrower safeguards
October 17, 2018
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High court to weigh case raising issue of social media censorship
The Supreme Court will review the case of Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck, which the plaintiff's attorneys say could extend to the question of social media platforms' restriction of user-posted content. The case centers on allegations that a public access television network suspended two producers who expressed views critical of the network.
CNBC (10/16) 
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Some N.C. counties cite struggles with early-voting requirements
North Carolina offers a 17-day window for early voting, which 60% of the state's voters took advantage of in 2016. Some counties, however, are struggling to keep all early-voting locations open for the amount of time required by state law.
National Public Radio (10/17) 
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Federal judge clears way for student-loan borrower safeguards
US District Judge Randolph Moss has ruled in favor of Obama-era rules on student loans and struck down a challenge from a group of for-profit colleges seeking to block the borrower protections. The rules simplify loan forgiveness when students are defrauded and disallow arbitration requirements for settling disputes.
Politico (10/16) 
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    New SEC report shows need to implement cyberaccounting measures
    A new report details the Securities and Exchange Commission's investigation of nine companies with a history of being cyberattacked to see whether appropriate accounting controls were in place as required by law. "We did not charge the nine companies we investigated, but our report emphasizes that all public companies have obligations to maintain sufficient internal accounting controls and should consider cyberthreats when fulfilling those obligations," says the SEC's Stephanie Avakian.
    Reuters (10/16) 
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    Business Practices and Professional Development
    Exec: Online dispute resolution could streamline cases
    Software offering online dispute resolution could soon have the potential to help resolve as much as 80% of cases, says Colin Rule of Tyler Technologies. The technology could be useful in resolving low-dollar family, small claims and workplace cases, and it eventually could expand to traffic violations, probate court and criminal matters, Rule says.
    ABA Journal online (10/17) 
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    Laws, Cases and Regulations
    Calif. court OKs returning legal marijuana to people leaving jail
    The San Francisco Superior Court has found that law enforcement and judges should not be federally prosecuted when they return less than 28 grams, or an ounce, of marijuana to people requesting the return of seized property upon release from jail. The case involves a man from whom police seized 21 grams of marijuana, which authorities refused to return because of concerns about legal culpability.
    The Sacramento Bee (Calif.) (tiered subscription model)/The Associated Press (10/16) 
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    Analysis finds 9,000 deportation cases tossed over paperwork problems
    About 9,000 deportation cases were thrown out over 10 weeks this summer amid challenges to paperwork sent to people targeted in deportation proceedings. The Supreme Court found that authorities didn't follow the law by providing notices to appear in court that failed to specify a date and time, although a recent Justice Department Board of Immigration Appeals ruling said such notices are valid if subsequent notices provide all necessary information.
    Thomson Reuters (10/17) 
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    San Diego measure would require insurance for Segway tour companies
    A proposed ordinance in San Diego would mandate that Segway tour companies carry commercial liability insurance of at least $2 million per case and $4 million annually, hold special permits, and adhere to new safety procedures. Segway incidents have led to litigation against the city, which has paid out $1.7 million in one case and is facing a wrongful-death lawsuit in another.
    The San Diego Union-Tribune (tiered subscription model) (10/16) 
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    D.C. Bar News
    Do good and celebrate DC Pro Bono Week
    Do good and celebrate DC Pro Bono Week
    (Washington Council of Lawyers)
    The DC Pro Bono Week 2018 celebration begins Oct. 21, featuring an array of events; a host of affiliated trainings, including programs presented by the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center; and lots of opportunities to do pro bono work. Organized by the Washington Council of Lawyers, the annual event offers members of the D.C. legal community the opportunity to meet other pro bono lawyers and expand their pro bono horizons.
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    Correction on D.C. Bar Board of Governors meeting story
    Correction on D.C. Bar Board of Governors meeting story
    In yesterday's edition of D.C. Bar Legal Brief, the date of the D.C. Bar Board of Governors' October meeting was incorrectly stated. The correct meeting date was Oct. 16. You can now listen to a recording of yesterday's meeting and find out what your Bar leaders are working on. The next Board meeting is on Tuesday, Nov. 13. As part of the Bar's efforts to prioritize member engagement, Bar members can now livestream these meetings.
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    Learn more about D.C. Bar:
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