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May 5, 2017
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SmartBrief on Leadership
What Are Millennials?
Millennials aren't what you think
"What's wrong with millennials?" is a common starting point for discussion, whether it's about their work habits, their (overstated) love of job-hopping or their ability to handle feedback.

In this Special Report, we posit that millennials aren't all that different from past up-and-coming generations. But we go further, talking with two experts about how leaders can take the initiative -- engaging and developing the millennials who work for them. Read on for insights, including those of "Radical Candor" author Kim Scott on the difficulties of feedback, and Dennis C. Miller, a longtime health care executive, on the importance of mentoring.
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Ebook: Busting Millennial Myths
Millennials in the workforce are here to stay and we'll show you what really wins them over (think opportunities for growth, mentorship, transparency, and your company's mission). Download the Ebook now.
Millennials And Feedback
How to practice radical candor with millennials -- or anyone
Most people, not just millennials, are uncomfortable with giving and receiving feedback, says Kim Scott, author of "Radical Candor." She shares secrets for overcoming the discomfort of feedback whether you're an older boss or a millennial looking to engage with your boss. "It's your obligation as a leader to give them that feedback. And it's your obligation not only to the person who wants to grow -- you want them to grow, too, because growing means better work," she says.
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Why Mentoring Matters With Millennials
How to make mentoring work
Mentors form a critical support system for success, says longtime executive and adviser Dennis C. Miller, and luckily most people are flattered to be asked, provided you respect their time and offer a structure to the relationship. Miller had mentors, as does almost everyone, and it's up to leaders to give back -- just as it's up to millennials to make the outreach.
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34 Questions to Inspire Your EVP
Developing a strong employer value proposition is key to attracting and retaining talent. Candidates & employees will see why you're different (and better) than your competition. Getting started is easy—use these 34 questions to inspire your EVP.
Data Points
Millennials on workplace benefits
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Build Your Employer Brand & Attract Top Talent
Getting top candidates in the door requires more than just posting a job. Applicants engage with a company's site, social channels, and employer brand. So, how does your company stand out? That's where we come in.
SmartBrief on Millennials
SmartBrief on Leadership bloggers have written about the millennial generation as its members have entered the workforce and taken up leadership positions. Here are a few of our insights:
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