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August 5, 2020
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Leading Edge
Teams and leaders can relieve stress by working on one project at a time, simplifying work processes and being patient with interruptions. "Now more than ever, leaders need to exhibit compassion, display deeper trust, and become comfortable allowing teams more autonomy," says coach and Lean Six Sigma expert Shelisa Bainbridge.
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How to overcome work-from-home struggles
Early benefits of working from home are wearing off, and employees need help from managers in creating new structures and connections while staying energized, writes Jim Haudan. "And since working from home doesn't seem to be going anywhere, the sooner we master leading in this physically distant world, the better for us all," he writes.
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Celebrating Mozambique's women entrepreneurs
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Strategic Management
Trek Bicycle expected business to plummet because of the pandemic but instead saw the opposite, sparking a rush to level up production and also help small businesses that sell Trek products. "The company developed a comprehensive guidebook of operational instructions for retailers called 'How to Survive the Season,' offering signage, floor plans, traffic directions, safety precautions, and other tips for doing business at a time of social distancing," writes Larry Kanter.
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Don't waste time wondering when the coronavirus pandemic will end, and instead focus on scenario planning, leveraging your strengths and searching for opportunities, writes Scott Eblin. "Create some space for the important work of reimagining the future before it becomes completely urgent," he writes.
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Customers First
A weekly look at serving customers better
Turn away customers if they make unrealistic demands, treat your salespeople badly or will never be satisfied with concessions, writes Frank Sonnenberg. "[I]f you let 'high-maintenance' customers distract you from your top ones, your best customers may feel neglected and leave for greener pastures," he writes.
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In Their Own Words
McDonald's has the data: Breakfast has changed
(Pascal Guyot/AFP/Getty Images)
McDonald's expects the pandemic to continue to create regionally based disruptions for at least another year, with breakfast being affected most by the change in work and commuter habits, says CEO Chris Kempczinski. "We did some work, looking at cellphone data and tracking mobility: What we saw in the mobility data was consistent with what we saw in the restaurant, which is essentially that people moving around was down dramatically in the mornings," he says.
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Daily Diversion
The US during World War II had women assigned to break codes generated by Germany's Enigma machine, but their work was classified until the 1990s. "The top bananas said that women couldn't keep a secret, and we showed them that we could," says Judy Parsons, a 99-year-old former Navy lieutenant who worked as a codebreaker.
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