Arabic instructors learn how gestures can help language learners | International school in New Zealand visited by delegation from Thailand | Linguistics professor urges Germans to learn Arabic, Kurdish
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25 May 2016
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Learning and Teaching
Arabic instructors learn how gestures can help language learners
Language, learning, bilingual
A group of teachers of Arabic in Dubai recently attended a demonstration about how young students learn the letters and words of a foreign language while using movements. The learning method, called the Gesture Responsive Teaching technique, was developed to teach Mandarin to nonnative speakers in Singapore.
The National (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) (24 May.) 
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Other News
Professional Development
How performance pay for teachers can backfire
There is little evidence to support the effectiveness of performance pay for teachers, and -- in fact -- the practice may be "infecting" school systems worldwide, suggests Pasi Sahlberg, a scholar in Finland. As Australia considers adopting performance pay, this article cites studies showing that the metrics often are flawed.
The Conversation (Australia) (22 May.) 
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Leadership and Governance
How US colleges can benefit from European higher-ed practices
US colleges and universities can improve their degrees, increase collaboration and better prepare students for the workforce by incorporating successful ideas from European higher education, according to a report from the American Council on Education. This article outlines four areas where US institutions could benefit from Europe's experiences.
eCampus News (free registration) (20 May.) 
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Other News
Western Australia pilots coding in early grades
Twenty-five schools in Western Australia are piloting computer programming in early grades. "Having children as young as five and six mastering coding a robot gives us an exciting look at what kids will be capable of in the future," said Shakira Thomas, IT teacher at Lakeside Primary School in Mandurah.
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) (23 May.) 
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How iPads are connecting students to the world
iPad, students with devices
Educators in some Arizona schools say the availability of iPads and other technology in the classroom has allowed students to collaborate with one another and connect with students around the world. "That kids that can collaborate and use new knowledge that they're gaining in a connective way with their world -- it sticks," Trina Siegfried, spokeswoman for one school district, said.
The Yuma Sun (Ariz.) (17 May.) 
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Interest Area Spotlight
Festival teaches Canadian students Native languages, heritages
A recent language festival in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, offered about 400 students from the Saskatoon Tribal Council member nations and Saskatoon public schools the opportunity to learn about indigenous languages and culture. Students in first through fifth grades participated in activities, workshops and learned about the Cree, Dakota Michif and Nakaw languages. (Canada) (17 May.) 
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ECIS Child Safeguarding Certificate
The ECIS safeguarding certificate sets the benchmark for safeguarding training in international schools. Our four-part programme provides the principles -- the foundations -- for strong child protection policies and practices, complemented by assessments that require successful application of that knowledge. The programme is offered fully online, assessments are required after each section, and a Certificate of Completion is issued to each successful participant. Visit our website for more information.
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ECIS November Conference 16-19 November -- Copenhagen, Denmark
The theme for this year's conference is Cultivating Curiosity, not just from the viewpoint of inquiry, as a catalyst for learning, but also in trying to understand how we can nurture it within existing systems, or shift our systems to allow for curiosity and passion to grow and transform children. We look forward to receiving your proposals via our conference pages. The deadline is 10 June.
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