October 13, 2021
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Arabia was 'cornerstone' in early human migrations out of Africa, study suggests
The largest-ever study of Arab genomes has revealed the most ancient of all modern Middle Eastern populations and is shedding light on how modern humans may have first expanded across the globe.

The Arabian Peninsula — which today includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — has long served as a key crossroads between Africa, Europe and Asia. Recent archaeological, fossil and DNA findings suggest that analyzing the Middle East and its people could reveal more about how modern humans first made their way out of Africa and to the rest of the world.
Full Story: Live Science (10/13) 
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Just the Facts, Ma'am
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History & Archaeology
Iron Age skis buried under ice reunited after 1,300 years apart
(Andreas Christoffer Nilsson/secretsoftheice.com)
Two Iron Age skis are set for a happy reunion after 1,300 years apart, following the discovery of a second ski on an icy mountain in Norway by glacier archaeologists.

In 2014, the glacier archaeology group Secrets of the Ice uncovered a lone ski at the Digervarden ice patch in Reinheimen National Park in southern Norway. Despite the ski’s age, its icy burial kept it well preserved, and even its original binding — where the skier placed their foot — remained intact. At the time, it was only one of two skis dating to more than 1,000 years ago with preserved binding, Secrets of the Ice reported in an Oct. 5 post.
Full Story: Live Science (10/13) 
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Natural Disasters
Satellites capture reinvigorated La Palma volcanic eruption
Satellites have captured stunning new images of the intensifying volcanic eruption on the Spain-owned island of La Palma as new streams of lava spilled out over the weekend.

The revitalized volcanic eruption was accompanied by boulders the size of a house rolling out of the Cumbre Vieja volcano's crater, where part its cone collapsed on Saturday (Oct. 9), as locals reported dozens of Earth tremors up to 3.8 magnitude since Sunday. The reports signal Cumbre Vieja was still far from going to sleep.
Full Story: Live Science (10/13) 
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Innovation in HIV Research
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    In the Sky
    Solar storm hits Earth, bringing northern lights to New York
    A solar storm hit Earth and brought with it a spectacular light show visible as far south as New York.

    A massive solar flare, or coronal mass ejection (CME), was spotted on the sun Saturday (Oct. 9) on its Earth-facing side and the flare hit our planet Monday (Oct. 11). This event comes as Earth enters a period of heightened solar activity known as the solar maximum (solar activity increases and decreases about every 11 years.) The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) warned that the storm would be a category G2 event, which is moderately strong.
    Full Story: Live Science (10/13) 
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    Curious Creatures
    Elk finally liberated from car tire stuck around its neck for 2 years
    (Jared Lamb/CPW)
    A bull elk in Colorado is finally free of a rubber tire that had been stuck around the animal’s neck for over two years. On Saturday (Oct. 9), officers from Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) removed the hefty accessory (along with the elk’s antlers).

    Rangers first spotted the 4.5-year-old elk, which weighs around 600 pounds (272 kilograms), during a wildlife survey of the Mount Evans Wilderness in July 2019. Several attempts had been made to capture the bull since then, but it always managed to evade officers.
    Full Story: Live Science (10/13) 
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    'Explosive' photo captures 'otherworldly beauty' of spawning fish during a full moon
    (Laurent Ballesta / Wildlife Photographer of the Year)
    A striking photo capturing the "explosive creation of life" of spawning groupers beat more than 50,000 other photographs to win the grand prize at the 2021 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

    The underwater image, called "Creation," shows camouflage groupers (Epinephelus polyphekadion), a species vulnerable to extinction, emerging from a cloud of eggs and sperm in Fakarava, French Polynesia, in the South Pacific Ocean.
    Full Story: Live Science (10/13) 
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    Infamous 'Lizard King' of Florida nabbed in turtle heist
    (FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 https://www.flickr.com/photos/myfwc/24233688722))
    A Florida reptile dealer known as "The Lizard King" faces federal charges for illegally harvesting turtles from the wild to smuggle out of the United States and sell overseas.

    The 54-year-old Michael Van Nostrand owns the reptile wholesale store Strictly Reptiles, Inc. in Hollywood, Florida. The business sells a variety of reptiles, such as turtles, snakes, lizards and baby alligators, as well as assorted species of amphibians, large spiders, scorpions and "exotic mammals," according to the store website, and Van Nostrand earned his royal title after penning his memoir "The Lizard King" in 2008, The Associated Press (AP) reported.
    Full Story: Live Science (10/13) 
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