November 2, 2021
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Business-to-business marketers are at risk of feeling burned out during the pandemic, with the problem exacerbated by internal issues such as siloed structures, overly complicated tech stacks and a lack of data that reflects the changing buyer journey, writes Integrate's Colby Cavanaugh. Three steps can help B2B marketers position themselves for future success, Cavanaugh writes, including restructuring the marketing function for omnichannel buyers and implementing a connected tech stack.
Full Story: CMSWire (11/1) 
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Marketers, There is No Post-Covid Era
After two years of a global pandemic, consumers have shifted their media consumption and purchasing behavior, forcing marketers to reassess their strategies. Our latest report provides tactical tools and tips to help you prepare for the new normal. Read it now.
General Insights & Strategies
Marketers heeding the consumer call to take a stand on social issues can follow five easy guidelines to prevent misfires and backlash, write Precision Strategies' Deirdre Murphy Ramsey and Tim Rice. Brands should embrace brand values before preaching about them, back up statements with "meaningful and measurable deeds" and post messaging when individuals are most receptive, they advise.
Full Story: PR Daily (10/29) 
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How brands can deliver instant gratification
Consumers live in a world of instant gratification, where needs and desires are either predicted or met immediately by social media, digital audio, streaming platforms or virtual assistants, writes Ipsos' Emmanuel Probst in this excerpt from his book, "Brand Hacks: How to Build Brands by Fulfilling the Consumer Quest for Meaning." Probst explains how marketers can deliver instant gratification to audiences using methods such as chatbots, "buy now" buttons and providing moments and experiences that prompt social media sharing.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Marketing (11/1) 
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Engineer your tech-forward future
How can your business maintain a competitive advantage in an age of increasing technological complexity? Explore Deloitte's Tech Trends 2022 report for insights and inspiration to unlock innovation, build trust, and engineer advantage for your digital journey ahead.
Best Practices
COVID-19 has upended leaders' reliance on one-size-fits-all rules and preconceptions that home-based workers aren't productive, George Westerman writes. Westerman also explains three other assumptions and offers questions leaders can ask to align themselves with new thinking.
Full Story: MIT Sloan Management Review online (tiered subscription model) (10/28) 
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Foster a sense of ownership among your team members by being curious, giving them responsibility, building their capabilities and asking for help, writes Dan Rockwell. "If you own it, you can't let it fail," he writes.
Full Story: Leadership Freak (10/29) 
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Workplace leadership has evolved over the decades to include more collaboration, more diversity, less emphasis on dress and less certainty in business conditions, writes Wally Bock. Progress is incomplete in many areas, including "learning that it's OK for a leader not to know and even to not be in charge some of the time," Bock writes.
Full Story: Three Star Leadership (10/28) 
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Just the Facts, Ma'am
"I stopped watching TV news a year ago, so sick of the bias everywhere. But in doing so, I was out of the loop. I decided to give 1440 a try & I've not been disappointed. Finally, Walter Cronkite-style reporting! Just the facts. I also love that I can click a link to see more on many stories. Keep up the good work!" Join for free now.
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Marketing Technology & Innovation
Pinterest TV, which premieres Monday, features weekday episodes of shoppable videos and interactive creator chats. Users can view the programming live or on demand, and an online studio provides technical support and content development assistance for creators.
Full Story: Ad Age (tiered subscription model) (11/1),  MediaPost Communications (free registration) (11/1),  TechCrunch (tiered subscription model) (11/1),  Variety (11/1) 
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Association News
While the Delta variant may have delayed some office reopenings, the return of commuters is still more a matter of "when" than "if." That's good news for fast-casual brands, as it means office workers will again patronize their favorite lunch spots -- except they're also returning with new expectations. What to consider as tables fill up.
Reimagining measurement
For marketers, measurement is the key to growth opportunities, successful ad campaigns, and business insights and decisions. However, new market developments and a highly fragmented media landscape have challenged traditional measurement approaches and created significant knowledge gaps.

At the 2021 ANA Measurement and Accountability Conference this Dec. 8-9, high-profile speakers and industry game-changers will address these challenges and explore the evolution of research, consumer insights, analytics, and data science, as well as the need to develop new, transparent, and privacy-centric measurement approaches. Register today.
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