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On the Front Burner 
Hooters to open in India
Hooters girls are being exported to India, as Hooters inks a deal to open between five and 10 Indian franchise locations. This is the company's first foray in to the South Asian market, but it has several international locations, including restaurants in Singapore and Taiwan.   MSNBC (8/26)
Restaurant News 
Krispy Kreme plans new strategy amid lower sales
Faced with raising gas prices, eroding sales at grocery stores and the low-carb diet craze, Krispy Kreme says it will slow its planned pace for opening new stores. After posting a profit decline for the second consecutive quarter, the glazed doughnut maker says it will consider smaller stores in some markets and work to develop new products, including a sugar-free doughnut. (8/27),   Los Angeles Times/Associated Press (8/27),   The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (8/27)
Manhattan Starbucks won't go union
The baristas at a New York City Starbucks say they withdrew their petition to unionize after the National Labor Relations Board agreed to hear an appeal from the coffee chain, which could have delayed the decision at least two years. However, the NLRB says the petition was dropped before their decision to hear the appeal was made.   Nation's Restaurant News (free registration) (8/27)
Trend Tracker 
Revival of brand characters toes line between nostalgia, obsolescence
Decisions by 9Lives and Energizer to bring back ad campaigns with Morris the Cat and the Energizer bunny could grab short-term attention for the brand, but one consultant warns overexposure could lower the value of the mascots. (8/27)
New book tackles poverty through business growth
In his new book "The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid," C.K. Prahalad writes that poverty can be wiped out by 2020 if corporations would see the impoverished as a viable consumer. Growth opportunities exist for companies that are innovative enough to make products affordable, accessible and available to the poor.   Financial Times (free content) (8/25)
Health, Nutrition & Science 
WTO resolution of U.S.-Europe dispute over GM food delayed
The ruling in a World Trade Organization dispute between the U.S. and the EU over GM foods has been put off until at least next year, according to WTO officials. The delay is due to a panel's decision to hear expert testimony before it rules on a complaint filed last year by the U.S., Argentina and Canada over the moratorium on the sale of GM foods in Europe. The panel's report, which had been expected before the end of this year, will now be issued in late March.   USA TODAY/Associated Press (8/26)
Study: Lutein supplements can improve eye health
The intake of carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin supplements can help fight against vision loss, according to a new animal study sponsored by DSM Nutritional Products. The study contends that "both macular pigments [lutein and zeaxanthin] ... appear to be important for the development and/or maintenance of a normal density profile of [retinal pigment epithelium] RPE cells in the central retina."   FoodNavigator (8/27)
Grapefruit's nutraceutical potential explored
Researchers say compounds in grapefruits and other citrus appear to fight colon cancer and protect smokers from other cancers. Other studies presented at this week's American Chemical Society meeting give credence to the once-fashionable grapefruit diet; the fruit was shown to lower insulin levels, helping prevent weight gain.   FoodNavigator (8/27)
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Public Policy News 
Feds asked to investigate egg labeling
The Better Business Bureau alleges a new "Animal Care Certified" logo used by the egg industry is misleading, and has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate. The probe is being sought against the United Egg Producers, which contends its standards guarantee better conditions for chickens. Press (8/26)

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Legal Briefs 
Class-action status granted in Sav-On overtime case
A California Supreme Court ruling yesterday approved class-action status for a case accusing Sav-on Drug Stores of improperly denying overtime pay to certain employees. Some of the company's managers say the chain assigned them duties that made them eligible for overtime pay under California labor laws. A Sav-on spokeswoman declined comment on the ruling.   Los Angeles Times (8/27),   San Francisco Chronicle (8/27)
Association News 
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Tech Talk 
RFID tag prices won't hit nickel mark soon
Although sales of RFID tags are expected to increase, the price of the tags will not drop to the 5-cent mark before 2008, according to ARC Advisory Group. The firm predicts the price will get as low 16 cents for certain tags within the next four years, which could hurt RFID expansion in the retail sector, but is not likely to have as big an impact in pharmaceuticals.   RFID Journal (8/27)

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