Survey finds many students in China learn English before age 5 | United Arab Emirates launches Year of Reading | Teacher training in England to include lessons about autism
01 June 2016
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Learning and Teaching
Survey finds many students in China learn English before age 5
More than 70% of parents in China say they are teaching their children English earlier than age 5, according to a recent survey. Respondents said they are seeking to give their children educational advantages and believe that children learn best when introduced to languages at an early age.
Press Trust of India (27 May.) 
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Other News
How does learning actually work?
Dive into how the learning brain works and how this translates into potential for enhancing and accelerating learning in our schools or classrooms at our How The Learning Brain Works Institute! Teams of 3 or more are eligible for a group discount of $50. Register now...
Professional Development
Teacher training in England to include lessons about autism
Teachers-in-training in England will learn about supporting students with autism as part of Initial Teacher Training. Data show every teacher will teach at least one student with autism during their career.
Newsweek (26 May.) 
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Other News
Creating Proficient Readers with Multisensory Literacy
Multisensory approaches to literacy have gained popularity in recent years as educators explore new ways to keep their students engaged. When combined with systematic and explicit instruction, multisensory literacy begins to move learners towards being proficient readers.
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Leadership and Governance
Education Cannot Wait aims to reach 75M children by 2030
The UN announced the $3.8 billion Education Cannot Wait programme, to help children in conflict zones, at the World Humanitarian Summit. The initiative is designed to support local nongovernmental organisations and is expected to reach 75 million children by 2030.
The Christian Science Monitor (24 May.),  The Huffington Post (24 May.) 
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Language schools in Canadian province could lose funding
A recent decision by the Ministry of Education in Canada to cut a $225,000 grant used to fund 80 language schools is drawing criticism. A petition is circulating to urge officials to reinstate the grant, which had been provided for 25 years. The ministry says it cut the grant for economic reasons. (Canada) (30 May.) 
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Taking a Multisensory Approach to K-5 Reading
Elementary school is a crucial time of growth in the educational journey of children, and strong literacy skills are a key facet of that journey. Using a multisensory approach to K-5 reading can lay a foundation for reading proficiency that lasts a lifetime. Learn how!
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Professor organizes Pan-African Robotics Competition
(Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)
Science, technology, engineering and math education can help improve living conditions and create jobs in West Africa, says Sidy Ndao, a Senegalese-born engineering professor who teaches at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He organized the recent Pan-African Robotics Competition to help expand STEM learning opportunities.
The New York Times (free-article access for SmartBrief readers) (29 May.) 
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Other News
Give Your Teachers the Support They Need
As students return to their schools, keeping them engaged whether at home or in the classroom is crucial. Teachers understand this, but need support and guidance to integrate the digital experience more seamlessly with the class activities they have planned. Download this SmartFocus and learn how to best help your teachers!
Interest Area Spotlight
Schools in Malta to continue to prioritise English-language instruction
Malta will continue to support bilingual education -- giving English the same priority as Maltese-language instruction, according to a recent government statement. The declaration follows the release of the Cambridge English benchmarking report, which made several recommendations to improve English-language instruction and suggested English would be treated more as a foreign language.
Malta Today (Malta) (26 May.) 
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ECIS Child Safeguarding Certificate
The ECIS safeguarding certificate sets the benchmark for safeguarding training in international schools. Our four-part programme provides the principles -- the foundations -- for strong child protection policies and practices, complemented by assessments that require successful application of that knowledge. The programme is offered fully online, assessments are required after each section, and a Certificate of Completion is issued to each successful participant. Visit our website for more information.
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ECIS November Conference 16-19 November -- Copenhagen, Denmark
The theme for this year's conference is Cultivating Curiosity, not just from the viewpoint of inquiry, as a catalyst for learning, but also in trying to understand how we can nurture it within existing systems, or shift our systems to allow for curiosity and passion to grow and transform children. We look forward to receiving your proposals via our conference pages. The deadline is 10 June.
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