Year-end Q&A with Barry Melancon | 5 things you should never say to millennials | Ask these 3 questions during your next job interview
December 15, 2016
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Advancing the CPA Profession
Year-end Q&A with Barry Melancon
Barry Melancon
Change is happening today at unprecedented speed and fundamentally reshaping the environment where we operate. Accounting professionals have to move faster, looking farther down the road and over new horizons to anticipate and get ahead of what's coming next. That's the view from AICPA President and CEO Barry Melancon, CPA, CGMA, who describes in a new interview how the profession met the challenge this year -- and is forging ahead into 2017.
AICPA Insights (12/14) 
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Top Stories of 2016
5 things you should never say to millennials
Want to engage your best and brightest young talent? You can't do that if you push them away with poorly chosen words. This article provides a guide to some thoughts best left unsaid.
CPA Insider/Journal of Accountancy (8/1) 
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Ask these 3 questions during your next job interview
Job interviews present opportunities for candidates to ask questions and learn more about the people they will possibly work for. Here are three questions to ask to learn more about managers and their expectations.
U.S. News & World Report (8/11) 
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Does long-term care insurance make sense?
Americans may wonder whether paying for a long-term care policy makes sense, as insurance companies have exited the market and rates have increased. Here's a look at the risks involved with this type of insurance and which factors to consider as you determine how to pay for care.
CNBC (8/24) 
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What's the right amount of retirement savings?
Experts who say people will need to save from eight times to 20 times their final salaries to prepare for retirement grossly overestimate what people will need, writes Andrew Biggs of the American Enterprise Institute. According to a calculator he developed, most can get by with saving far less.
Forbes (7/21) 
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You win the lottery. Now what?
With jackpots climbing as high as $1.3 billion, it is important for winners to have a plan in place for managing their newfound fortune. This blog post offers advice on how to enjoy your windfall for a long time to come.
AICPA Insights (1/8) 
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More Top Stories
Which states are best for retirees?
A variety of factors, including weather, taxes and cost of living, play into most people's decision on where to retire. Here's a look at which states stand out in these and other areas.
CNBC (3/17) 
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Starting salaries for accountants expected to climb in 2017
Starting salaries for US accounting and finance positions will range from 3% to 4.3% higher in 2017 than they were in 2016, according to a salary guide published in August. The predicted rise reflects strong competition for skilled professionals.
Journal of Accountancy online (8/30) 
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How the wealthy think about money
Certain psychological tricks help the most successful people grow their bank accounts. This article examines six wealth-building behaviors, which include setting high expectations and working to eliminate fear.
CNBC (10/21) 
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5 techniques for eliminating procrastination
Behavioral science says we can shape our own reality if we understand the shortcuts that our brains take, which is necessary to overcome procrastination. Author Caroline Webb outlines five techniques we can all employ to stop putting off tasks we dread.
CGMA Magazine online (1/19) 
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Are you making this Excel formatting mistake?
In this article, "The Right Format Is the Wrong Format," J. Carlton Collins, CPA, explains why decimals and commas in a cash flow statement don't line up properly.
Journal of Accountancy print issue (9/2016) 
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Gartner on Modernizing Financial Planning and Analysis
This report from Gartner, sponsored by Workiva, shows how prioritizing key FP&A needs can fuel cost-reduction initiatives. Read how corporate performance management solutions support more integrated FP&A needs and why it's easier to adopt cloud applications.
Profession Perspectives
Responses are based on CPA Letter Daily readers who elected to take one or more of the polls that appeared in previous issues.
Will your organization be hiring more CPAs next year?
52%   No
22%   Yes -- a few
12%   Yes -- some more
10%   I don't know
6%   Yes -- many more
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What do you think will be the biggest challenge for practitioners this coming tax season?
34%   Late W-2s, 1099s and/or K-1s
24%   Tax return identity theft
23%   Employer health care reporting requirements
21%   Getting answers from the IRS during tax season
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Modernizing FP&A in Support of Performance Management
This report from Gartner, sponsored by Workiva, shows how prioritizing key FP&A needs can fuel cost-reduction initiatives. Read how corporate performance management solutions support more integrated FP&A needs and why it's easier to adopt cloud applications.
More Profession Perspectives
What is your organization's biggest concern heading into 2017?
26%   The economy
22%   Regulation
21%   Scarcity of talented job candidates
16%   Fraud and/or cybersecurity
13%   Leadership succession
6%   Other
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How confident are you that your organization's cybersecurity practices provide adequate protection against breaches and a good crisis management plan in case a breach occurs?
44%   Moderately confident
25%   Slightly confident
17%   Not at all confident
16%   Very confident
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Gartner Explains why CFOs Need to Prioritize FP&A Needs
This report from Gartner, sponsored by Workiva, shows how prioritizing key FP&A needs can fuel cost-reduction initiatives. Read how corporate performance management solutions support more integrated FP&A needs and why it's easier to adopt cloud applications.
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Don't find fault -- find a remedy.
Henry Ford,
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