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1   Who are the appointed, trained personnel in charge of FSMA implementation and compliance (in particular for Preventive Controls)?
2   Do we have an accurate, updated approved supplier list? What is the status of our approved suppliers' certifications and third-party audits?
3   Do we have food safety records from our suppliers and where are they located?
4   Have we identified and implemented the latest, most effective products and protocols as preventative controls to prevent product contamination?
5   Are our plant and/or in-store personnel properly trained to implement food safety practices and procedures as required by the FDA's FSMA rules?
6   Are internal, as well as third-party, audits of food safety procedures practices being conducted in every facility or unit? What have the results been, and who monitors them?
7   What verification procedures are conducted?
8   What corrective actions have been taken, if needed?
9   When was our last FDA and/or USDA inspection/audit?
10   Are all plant or front-line employees properly trained on what to do if and when the FDA or USDA shows up to perform an audit?
Protect your customers and your brand reputation
The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the most sweeping reform of The United States' food safety laws in more than 70 years, was signed into law on January 4, 2011. It aims to ensure the U.S. food supply is safe by shifting the focus from responding to product contamination to preventing it. Recently the FDA established rules for compliance by companies in the food supply chain "from farm to table". Are you and your suppliers in compliance?

The FDA, along with the USDA, has created new rules that set more rigorous standards for preventive controls, environmental monitoring, product testing, sanitary transportation, water quality and other good manufacturing practices. The FDA was also given mandatory recall authority.

If you are involved in the production or sale of food, it's in your best interest to act now. You don't want to rely on the regulators to ensure the safety of your products. Building a supply chain for in-plant and in-store practices that protect your brand's reputation from product contamination risk is now more important than ever before.

The Department of Justice, collaborating with the FDA, is increasing its investigation of food safety practices and activity and, for the first time, bringing criminal charges against implicated company executives. All of these challenges require the industry to continually seek superior food safety solutions to those currently in use. PURE has that superior food safety solution.
PURE Bioscience understands that food safety is critical to your business and that there is a growing need for new solutions to help the food industry achieve its food safety goals. Rather than reacting to outbreaks, food facilities and food service operations are required to put controls in place to minimize or prevent them. One such example is killing bacteria and viruses that cause foodborne illness. PURE Bioscience offers a line of products incorporating our proprietary Silver Dihydrogen Citrate (SDC) technology — The PURE® Complete Food Safety Solutions. We work alongside our customers to identify their areas of greatest concern and develop an implementation plan using our SDC-based products.
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