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May 7, 2019
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Program brings tech employees to teach in schools
Program brings tech employees to teach in schools
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Volunteer teachers from top technology companies are reaching nearly 500 schools in 27 states, Washington, D.C., and British Columbia through the Technology Education and Literacy in Schools program. The 10-year-old initiative works with companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft to provide schools with tech employees who co-teach with classroom educators to help with computer science instruction.
The 74 (5/6) 
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Rethink the one-size-fits-all PD model
This whitepaper details the findings of a study funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation testing an innovative prototype environment for teacher professional development (PD). The prototype engages teachers in a dynamic, self-paced experience that enables them to use real-time student performance data as a starting point for relevant professional learning. Learn more.
Can tech suggest ways to boost student engagement?
Can tech suggest ways to boost student engagement?
Researchers at the University of Montreal are investigating whether artificial-intelligence-based predictions about student engagement can improve outcomes in the classroom. They are examining the Classcraft platform in the US and 160 other countries where educators receive data that allows them to adjust their teaching practices to engage students more effectively.
Education Week (tiered subscription model) (5/6) 
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How to Improve Attitudes Towards Math Learning
Many students begin developing negative attitudes towards mathematics at a young age, with past studies documenting a decline in attitude toward science and math in the late elementary years. This SmartFocus looks at some of the ways math engagement can improve.
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Systems Management
School vending machine distributes books
School vending machine distributes books
An elementary school in Texas recently installed a vending machine that provides books -- rather than snacks. The machine is intended to support reading and only accepts coins that say "I love books," which students can earn for improving their grades and having good behavior.
Houston Chronicle (tiered subscription model) (5/3) 
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Other News
SmartBrief Education STEM Pathways Summit
Join us on October 28 for our annual SmartBrief Education STEM Pathways Summit when we explore the intersection of STEM and social-emotional learning. Don't miss this opportunity to get fresh ideas, hear about new programs and talk with your peers in STEM education. Register today.
Tech Tips
How one district gained its community's trust
A Minnesota school district gained the trust of the community by being transparent and seeking feedback, writes Jim Westrum, executive director of business and finance at Wayzata Public Schools. In this blog post, he shares how his district worked to achieve "operational excellence and customer intimacy."
SmartBrief/Education (5/7) 
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Managing Budgets
Study: Solar would help schools save money, improve air
Some states would save money and improve air quality if more schools adopted solar power, according to a study by researchers from Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California. They looked at the costs and benefits of solar panels at 132,000 schools and about 7,100 institutions of higher education across the country and found that California, Florida and Texas would see the largest cost savings, while many Midwestern states would experience more environmental and health improvements.
Education Dive (5/6) 
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Schools and Social Media
Effect of social media use on teen life satisfaction examined
A study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that changes in social media use among adolescents only accounted for 0.25% of life satisfaction changes after a year, while variations in life satisfaction only accounted for 0.04% of social media use changes. The findings, based on 2009 to 2016 UK study data involving more than 12,500 youths age 10 to 15, also showed that the very small effect of social media use on teen life satisfaction was more wide-ranging for girls -- also affecting satisfaction with school life, school work, friends and family.
The Guardian (London) (5/6) 
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Last Byte
Nonprofit, Instagram promote mental health with #RealConvo
Instagram teamed with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention on a #RealConvo campaign for Mental Health Awareness Month that includes collaborations with influencers who share stories about their own mental health. "We should be having more authentic conversations about mental health in real life and on social media because real connection is one of the things that protects people from suicide risk," says the foundation's Christine Moutier.
Teen Vogue online (5/2),  Self (5/2) 
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Anyone can become an inventor as long as they keep an open and inquiring mind and never overlook the possible significance of an accident or apparent failure.
Patsy O'Connell Sherman,
inventor of Scotchgard stain repellent

May is National Inventors Month

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