Latin Summer School revives "dead" language | Programme uses spatial reasoning to improve maths skills | Ideas for teaching self-directed learning
01 February 2017
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Learning and Teaching
Latin Summer School revives "dead" language
Latin Summer School revives "dead" language
Students in Australia are attending the annual Sydney Latin Summer School, where they learn and practice Latin. Educators contend that Latin -- while no longer spoken -- is not a dead language and have adapted Plautus's comedy, "Menaechmi," as a stage production for students.
ABC (Australia) (30 Jan.) 
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Programme uses spatial reasoning to improve maths skills
Teaching students spatial reasoning can enhance future maths and reading skills, assert researchers at the University of Toronto, who worked with some educators in Canada to pilot the Math For Young Children programme. Data show positive learning outcomes among students participating in the programme. (29 Jan.) 
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New Online Professional Development at Harvard
Professional Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education announces a new series of 2-week online workshops—designed with flexibility and accessibility in mind—that explore a key concept or practice of particular relevance to today's K-12 educators. Workshops begin February 6.
Professional Development
Ideas for teaching self-directed learning
Teachers should inspire students to take more ownership over their own learning, writes William Tolley, a teacher at the International School of Beijing. In this blog post, he shares several tips to help prepare students for self-directed learning.
SmartBrief/Education (24 Jan.) 
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Taking a Multisensory Approach to K-5 Reading
Elementary school is a crucial time of growth in the educational journey of children, and strong literacy skills are a key facet of that journey. Using a multisensory approach to K-5 reading can lay a foundation for reading proficiency that lasts a lifetime. Learn how!
Leadership and Governance
Proposed funding formula could trim budgets at London's schools
Budgets at 70% of London's schools could be reduced under a proposed national funding formula, according to London Councils, a bipartisan group representing 32 local authorities and the City of London. As a result, the group states, it's likely that schools would cut teachers and raise class sizes.
The Guardian (London) (27 Jan.) 
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Other News
Creating Proficient Readers with Multisensory Literacy
Multisensory approaches to literacy have gained popularity in recent years as educators explore new ways to keep their students engaged. When combined with systematic and explicit instruction, multisensory literacy begins to move learners towards being proficient readers.
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Tech firms study effect of AI on education
Amazon, DeepMind, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft -- and now possibly Apple -- are part of a consortium studying how artificial intelligence could be used in education and other industries. A White House report released last year found that AI could have a major effect on education.
T.H.E. Journal (26 Jan.) 
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Other News
Give Your Teachers the Support They Need
As students return to their schools, keeping them engaged whether at home or in the classroom is crucial. Teachers understand this, but need support and guidance to integrate the digital experience more seamlessly with the class activities they have planned. Download this SmartFocus and learn how to best help your teachers!
Interest Area Spotlight
Should students bring phones to school?
More students in Australia bring their mobile phones to school. Many schools ban personal use of the devices during class, and online safety educator Robyn Treyvaud suggests that students be informed about cybersafety and the importance of being respectful online.
ABC (Australia) (30 Jan.) 
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ECIS ESL & Mother Tongue Conference 2017
The Power of Multilingual Classrooms in International Education. Copenhagen, 3-5 March. Register here.
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ECIS Physical Education Conference 2017
Move. Learn. Live. Vienna, 20-22 April. Register here.
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SmartBrief honors education bloggers
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Georg Christoph Lichtenberg,
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