Teachers use fidget spinners in lessons | Students build model geyser to study eruptions | Survey examines teen reading trends in UK
07 June 2017
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Learning and Teaching
Teachers use fidget spinners in lessons
Teachers use fidget spinners in lessons
(Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
Teachers at a primary school in Northern Ireland are using the popular fidget spinner toy to teach lessons in maths and English. Among other things, students held debates on the merits of the spinners and used maths to determine whose spinner would spin the longest.
BBC (02 Jun.) 
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Students build model geyser to study eruptions
Two French students used a pressure cooker, copper tubing and a pan of water to create their own geyser and developed maths equations to explain how the water spouts erupt. The teenagers say they hope their model, presented recently at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, can be used to predict geyser eruptions.
Science News (02 Jun.) 
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Other News
Maximize learning impact in your classroom
The How The Learning Brain Works Institute will provide you with an easily accessible look at the process for translating the research about how learning works into classroom practice that enhances and accelerates learning. Save $50 on registration when you register a team of 3 or more!
Professional Development
Ideas on improving global education partnerships
It is common for international education partnerships to be driven by power differences in which education in developing countries is seen as lagging, asserts author Jennifer Klein. In this blog post, she shares several ways countries can adopt an "asset-based" mindset in which they are working "from and with" each other.
Education Week (tiered subscription model) (05 Jun.) 
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Taking a Multisensory Approach to K-5 Reading
Elementary school is a crucial time of growth in the educational journey of children, and strong literacy skills are a key facet of that journey. Using a multisensory approach to K-5 reading can lay a foundation for reading proficiency that lasts a lifetime. Learn how!
Leadership and Governance
Data show growth of international schools
There are more than 8,000 international schools worldwide -- up from about 1,000 English-language international schools two decades ago, according to data from ISC Research. Bruce McWilliams, the executive vice president of International School Services, says the growth is driven by interest in English-based education worldwide.
The Atlantic online (05 Jun.) 
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Other News
Give Your Teachers the Support They Need
As students return to their schools, keeping them engaged whether at home or in the classroom is crucial. Teachers understand this, but need support and guidance to integrate the digital experience more seamlessly with the class activities they have planned. Download this SmartFocus and learn how to best help your teachers!
Google programme seeks to make students "Internet Awesome"
Teachers and parents have a new tool from Google to help students learn about online safety and digital citizenry. Google's recently announced "Be Internet Awesome" programme includes educational resources such as an online game called Interland, which educators who helped test the game say resonated well with students.
Fortune (06 Jun.),  VentureBeat (06 Jun.) 
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Interest Area Spotlight
AI tool aims to corral wandering minds
A business school in Paris is using an artificial-intelligence platform called Nestor to see if students are paying attention when they watch video lectures. The platform, which uses facial-recognition technology and the user's webcam to monitor movement and expression, sends an alert to the student's screen if his or her attention wanes.
Mashable (01 Jun.) 
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A nine-month teacher preparation programme for current/prospective teachers, not restricted to US citizens, resulting in a US teaching licence. Learn more.
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ECIS Governance Foundations
Designed for trustees & governors, heads of school & aspiring school leaders at international schools around the world. Learn more.
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