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November 21, 2018
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You might have made your local airport worse
Your ride to the airport might be making your airport worse. (Oli Scarff/Getty Images)
Programming note: WYWW is off tomorrow and Friday for Thanksgiving. I will then be on the road for two weeks for work (and a wee bit of play), so my colleagues Bridget, Evan, Paula and Cathy will be driving the WYWW bus while I am away. Enjoy their witty work and if you have any travel tips for Singapore, Thailand or Hong Kong, send them my way!
You might have made your local airport worse
Why it matters: If you are flying anywhere this Thanksgiving, the convenience of ride-sharing companies like Lyft or Uber to get to the airport can be very appealing. But I bet you never realized the revenue those ride-sharing platforms siphon away from airports is making it harder for airport authorities to invest in the infrastructure and amenities that might make your local airport nicer.

But the ride-sharing apps shouldn't shoulder all of the blame. While smart airport authorities realized long ago that things like easy access via mass transit and quality amenities matter, other airports were asleep at the stick. Sadly, the one way airports will probably look to recoup lost revenue is by jacking up the access fees they charge the ride-sharing apps. And that cost will be passed along to you.
Quartz (11/21) 
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Amazon announced a user-data leak in a revealing way
Why it doesn't matter: You'd think that such a leak a couple days before Black Friday/Cyber Monday would panic users and dent Amazon's annual sales bonanza, but it won't. The march of the consumer continues unabated.

Why it does matter: The reaction to Amazon's effort to notify users about the leak is why this story matters. Amazon sent users a brief email telling them what happened and not to worry about changing their passwords or anything. That email reads in such an odd way that some readers refused to believe it was real.

We've all been conditioned to ignore sketchy emails urging us to change our passwords, but this incident makes me wonder how companies will go about notifying customers when they really do need to take action to protect their accounts. Many people aren't going to even open, much less believe, those legitimate emails.
BGR (11/21) 
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Twilight turned 10
Why it matters: Now that a decade has passed, I feel like some kind of statute of limitations might have expired and I can now offer up my biggest pet-peeve about Twilight without suffering any serious repercussions. Maybe.

Trust me when I say there are many things about Twilight that drove me bonkers (remember all those Team Jacob and Team Edward shirts?), but the one thing I could never quite get over was Kristen Stewart's acting ability ... or lack thereof. Seriously, people. Her acting in those movies made the kid who played Tony's son AJ in "The Sopranos" look like an Emmy-winner.

And before all you Twilight fans crush me with hate e-mails, I ask you to consider this alternative scenario: How much better would those movies have been if instead of being cast in a supporting role, Anna Kendrick had been cast as Bella? Dare I say, they would have been Pitch Perfect?
Vox (11/21) 
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Seen and Heard

This plane has an engine with no moving parts
Perhaps it is because I am a few days away from enjoying/enduring a 17-hour nonstop flight across nothing but water, but I have taken an interest recently in stories about airplanes and their ability to ... you know ... not fall out of the sky.

Through that lens, this story about MIT researchers developing a plane that has an engine with no moving parts fascinates me. It is some amazing, Wright Brothers-level stuff.

My favorite part of the video above is about halfway through when it shows some oh-so-scientific research being conducted on a basketball court ... while some scrubs are hooping it up at the other end of the gym. "Don't get caught watching the paint dry!"
Nature (free content) (11/21) 
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Palm to Forehead
Sadly, "Drunksgiving" is a thing
I know the top story in WYWW today was about the negative impact ride-sharing is having on airports, but that is just about people going to the airport.

If you have too many drinks tonight (or ever), please use Uber/Lyft/Wings/Bird/Lime/Your Bike/Your Feet to get home safely.
The Fayetteville Observer (N.C.) (11/21) 
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Deep Dive
From campaign slogan to reality
If the energy independence of the US is one of your top concerns - ahead of things like the environment or having to deal with man-made earthquakes - then you'll be happy to know that the "Drill Baby Drill!" slogan from a few election cycles ago appears to be paying off.
Bloomberg (tiered subscription model) (11/21) 
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Fun with Headlines
Google Play and chill
If your Thanksgiving plans include watching some movies, hit up the Google Play store for 99-cent rentals.
Engadget (11/21) 
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No, Evan Spiegel doesn't know where Snapchat is going
But then again, neither do all the people who bought SNAP stock.
Vanity Fair online (11/21) 
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Your Future
Survey Results
Here are the results from yesterday's reader survey:
How far are you traveling this Thanksgiving?
My house has the best Thanksgiving dinner, no need to leave  40.02%
Less than an hour away  31.66%
One to three hours away  17.84%
Don't ask -- I'm tired just thinking about it.  10.48%
Happy Hour Fun
High as a rocket? NASA might have issues with that
Remember that video of SpaceX/Tesla/SolarCity/Boring Co./whatever else he's working on CEO Elon Musk smoking weed on camera that went viral? Well, apparently NASA didn't think it was particularly innocuous and now they're launching a safety audit into SpaceX.

In other news, the SpaceX Big Falcon Rocket, or BFR, has been rebranded as the "Starship." Maybe NASA should look into more than just safety...
The Hill/The Washington Post (11/21) 
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