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November 27, 2019
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Engineers, especially those in entry-level positions, need to stay up to date on developments in their profession, writes Paul Stevenson, executive vice president at McCormick Stevenson Corporation. Companies can use lunch-and-learn sessions, off-site training and ASME's online courses to help engineers learn new skills.
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In a rapidly evolving engineering work landscape where employees are hungry for training, ASME's knowledge products can help professionals stay current on present and future technologies. ASME offers flexible training programs based on a competency framework that helps students see the "big picture," Arin Ceglia writes.
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Spotlight on Transportation
In 2015, Airbus used metal additive manufacturing to cut the weight of the partition that supports crew jump seats in its A320 model. Airbus has since leveraged advances in generative design and now 3D prints the partition in plastic that's then used as a mold for metal casting to produce the same weight reduction.
Full Story: Redshift (11/26) 
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A train that would operate on the same principle as a rail gun, propelling its cars through a succession of magnetic loops at up to 500 mph, is envisioned as a green alternative to airline flights. The rail-free AeroSlider concept, brainchild of strategic design consultancy Manyone, would send its spacious cars through loops 65 feet above ground, potentially spanning continents while posing little hazard to animal or human traffic below.
Full Story: Fast Company online (11/26) 
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Skanska is in discussions with Connect Plus to test graphene-reinforced asphalt on the UK's M25 motorway to combat potholes and carbon emissions. The firm recently tested a recyclable, graphene-enhanced asphalt on a busy main road in Curbridge for Oxfordshire County Council.
Full Story: New Civil Engineer (11/26) 
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German space agency DLR has developed a concept for a vertical takeoff, horizontal landing spaceplane that could travel from Europe to the West Coast in an hour. DLR executive Martin Sippel says the goal is mass production of reusable spacecraft that could serve as launch vehicles as well as commercial transportation.
Full Story: Space News International (11/21) 
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Innovations & Trends
Researchers at Harvard University have developed a multimaterial multinozzle 3D printing technique that uses high-speed pressure valves that switch between up to eight different printing materials at rapid speeds. "Because MM3D printing can produce objects so quickly, one can use reactive materials whose properties change over time -- such as epoxies, silicones, polyurethanes, or bio-inks," said researcher Jochen Mueller.
Full Story: Design News (11/26) 
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Korean researchers have developed a way to use fiber optic laser technology to cut up thick metal internal reactor parts during nuclear power plant dismantling operations. The researchers say the technology "is advantageous for remote control and can reduce decommissioning waste disposal costs of secondary waste."
Full Story: (South Korea) (11/25) 
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Leadership & Development
Boys and girls show similar levels of brain function related to mathematical processing, according to a study published in the journal Science of Learning. Such research makes it clear that cultural barriers are to blame for the underrepresentation of women and minorities in STEM fields, not biological differences, said University of California professor emerita Carroll Serron.
Full Story: MarketWatch (11/18) 
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From March 9-13, ASME will be offering over 30 courses on boilers and pressure, vessels, bolting, fluids and heat transfer, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, nuclear, piping and pipelines, welding, elevators and escalators, and more. Advance your career today.
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