Hanger to fit civilians with military leg orthoses | British boy receives advanced prosthetic leg | Advanced 3D method designed to create tiny pancreas
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October 22, 2013
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Hanger to fit civilians with military leg orthoses
Hanger will begin fitting civilians with a carbon-fiber exoskeleton orthosis first developed by prosthetist Ryan Blanck at the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. The Intrepid Dynamic Exoskeletal Orthosis assists patients with intact but weakened or injured legs by employing a foot plate that stores and releases energy when users take a step, similarly to a prosthetic running blade. Blanck will lead Hanger’s program for the IDEO in Seattle. Wired.com/Danger Room blog (10/22)
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British boy receives advanced prosthetic leg
When 5-year-old Eddy Parry, suffering from osteosarcoma, needed to have his leg amputated, his doctors retained the muscles and replaced his thigh bone with a metal rod so that he would be able to use a power-assisted artificial leg. The procedure was a first for a U.K. child. "Now I'm trying to get a company on board to develop a child's power-assisted leg," said Eddy's father, Jon Parry. "These do exist but only for adults." The Daily Mail (London) (10/21)
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Advanced 3D method designed to create tiny pancreas
Scientists at the University of Copenhagen have devised a process that could enable them to grow a mini human pancreas using a 3D culture that allows pancreatic cells to expand more efficiently. Researchers hope the technique can be used to help treat diabetes and enable rapid drug testing without the need for animals. MedCityNews.com (10/18)
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Woman with ossification disease receives bionic arm
As a child, Ashley Kurpiel, 31, lost her right arm and shoulder to the rare genetic disease fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, in which muscles and connective tissue slowly turn to bone. Now physicians at the Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk have attached to her torso a myoelectric arm and hand prosthesis that is controlled by sensors that detect small muscle twitches. The prosthesis has enabled Kurpiel to handle cellphones and eat and drink without help. LiveScience.com (10/18)
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Medical News
Officials suspect polio outbreak in Syria
The World Health Organization has identified two suspected cases of polio from a cluster of acute flaccid paralysis cases in an eastern province of Syria. Emergency immunization planning is underway for Syria and neighboring countries, WHO said. The Global Polio Eradication Initiative stated that 296 cases of the disease have occurred worldwide so far this year. Reuters (10/19)
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U.S. adult obesity rate remains constant, CDC says
CDC data show that the prevalence of adult obesity in the U.S. from 2011 to 2012 was 34.9%, indicating a steady rate compared with 2009 to 2010. Researchers also found that black adults had the highest overall obesity rate at 47.8%, while Asians had the lowest rate at 10.8%. PhysiciansBriefing.com/HealthDay News (10/17)
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Other News
Business Tips and Advice
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Trend Watch
Century College receives $4.6M O&P education grant
Century College in White Bear Lake, Minn., received a $4.6 million grant from the Department of Labor to expand its O&P education and training programs. Century offers two- and four-year programs for O&P technicians and practitioners. It is also collaborating with St. Paul's Concordia University to develop a master’s program. Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.) (10/19)
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Ohio amputee organizes adaptive sports expo
Above-knee amputee Juanita Mengel organized an adaptive sports expo in Ross County, Ohio, that featured representatives of adaptive sports groups and equipment makers. Attendees tried out adaptive bikes, ascended a rock-climbing wall, and viewed demonstrations of kayaking and other activities. Chillicothe Gazette (Ohio) (10/22)
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