Cassini ends long mission with dive into Saturn's atmosphere | Magnetic field detected on brown dwarf | Text with early representation of zero older than once thought
September 18, 2017
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Cassini ends long mission with dive into Saturn's atmosphere
The Cassini space probe plunged into Saturn's atmosphere on Friday, ending its 13-year mission to the ringed planet in fiery fashion. The NASA spacecraft's last communications will be assessed over the next few weeks, and researchers hope to learn new things about the planet, including the makeup of its atmosphere and how long its days are.
The Guardian (London) (9/15) 
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Science in the News
Magnetic field detected on brown dwarf
A strong magnetic field has been observed on a massive brown dwarf about 18.5 light-years away from Earth. The findings, published on arXiv, suggest that brown dwarfs have more in common with stars than planets.
New Scientist (free content) (9/15) 
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Text with early representation of zero older than once thought
Some pages of an ancient Indian manuscript featuring an early representation of zero may be hundreds of years older than once believed, according to new carbon dating. A few pages of the text have been found to date back 500 years earlier than initially thought, to the third or fourth century A.D., pushing back the origins of zero as well, researchers say.
National Geographic online (9/16) 
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Unmated spiders allow sisters' offspring to dine on their internal organs
Unmated female velvet spiders sacrifice themselves to help care for their sisters' offspring, allowing themselves to become food for young spiderlings, according to findings published in Animal Behaviour. The virgin spiders communally help care for eggs laid by mated females, then later allow the young spiders to feed on their internal organs.
New Scientist (free content) (9/18) 
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New surgical adhesives inspired by sticky substances produced by creatures
An array of animals are inspiring researchers to create new adhesives that could be used in surgical procedures. Recent studies have shown the effectiveness of surgical adhesives inspired by sticky slime from such creatures as slugs and mussels.
Science News (9/15) 
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Long-lasting structural colors created using nano-sized melanin balls, silica
Researchers have created long-lasting structural colors in a range of shades using nano-sized melanin balls coated with silica. Changing the spacing of the nanostructures can alter the way light interacts with them, creating the spectrum of colors, researchers say.
Science News (9/15) 
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EHR-based clinical data more accurate in tracking sepsis incidence, study finds
Clinical data from EHRs showed a relatively stable incidence of sepsis between 2009 and 2014, compared with a 10.3% increase via medical claims data, according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Researchers analyzed data from 2,901,019 patients across 409 hospitals in the US and found that clinical data also indicated no significant change in patients discharged to hospice and a drop in hospital deaths, while claims data showed a significant decline in both discharge to hospice and hospital deaths.
Becker's Hospital Review (9/15) 
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Funding Watch
Immune system study awarded $160,000 grant
A Marshall University professor has been awarded a $160,000 grant to study the immune system. John Rakus and the Marshall University Research Corp. will use the funds to examine immune response in autoimmune and infectious diseases.
WSAZ-TV (Huntington, W.Va.) (9/15) 
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