A personal guide to trusting others | Address employee exclusion before it leads to bigger issues | How to transform your company -- successfully
June 30, 2016
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Leading Edge
A personal guide to trusting others
Trust can take time to develop and is risky, yet worth it, writes Becky Robinson, who shares five factors that help her place her trust in others.
Becky Robinson blog (6/28) 
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Address employee exclusion before it leads to bigger issues
Employees can feel left out even when leaders aren't trying to exclude anyone, Jimmy Daly writes. He offers advice on recognizing and rectifying situations that lead to employee exclusion and resentment.
iDoneThis Blog (6/28) 
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Live Webinar: Don't Slow Down—Team Up!
With countless emails, constant communication, cascading deadlines, and seemingly endless meetings you can try working harder or faster or smarter, but "teaming well" makes all the difference. In this webinar, Laura Stack teaches her FAST model that mobilizes teams to be the most effective while keeping each other's best interests at heart. Register here
Strategic Management
How to transform your company -- successfully
Transformation projects are prone to failure when leadership backs the plan but doesn't get involved, when smart strategists are unable to execute or when insufficient effort is made to win over people, Brian McConnell writes. He offers a fictional example of a company's failed transformation and how executives can avoid its mistakes.
Ivey Business Journal (May/June 2016) 
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Nestle responds to disruption by hiring outside CEO
Nestle's food business is under attack, and with the company trying to pivot toward more healthful products and branding, it's hired a CEO from outside the company and industry. "Increasingly, companies are realizing that they may need to look beyond the familiar confines of their own world to find new ways of thinking," Michelle Gerdes writes.
Strategy+Business online (free registration) (6/29),  ABC News/The Associated Press (6/28) 
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Reimagining the Advertising Industry
Gain insight from executives at companies like Finn Partners, Simpli.fi and W2O Group and understand how improved insight into financials has helped them succeed in the increasingly competitive advertising industry. Get the case studies
Smarter Communication
The mood of an organization starts at the top
The mood of an organization starts at the top
(YouTube/Vanessa Van Edwards)
A boss in a bad mood is likely to spread that attitude downward, so it's important to know how to help manage your boss and your own outlook, Vanessa Van Edwards says in this blog post and video. "This mood won't last forever and if you treat it as such, it is much more likely to be a temporary state and not fester for longer than it has to," she says.
Science of People (6/29) 
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Create Unforgettable Experiences with West Studio
West Studio is the leading webcasting & streaming technology, delivering more than 40,000 online events annually and helping companies fuel demand and grow their sales pipelines. Take a virtual tour today and see why marketers trust West Studio.
Sponsored content from EY
EY poses five questions consumer products companies should consider to optimize their portfolios
Changing consumer needs, stagnant mature markets, volatile costs and disruptive new competitors demand a portfolio strategy that can deliver sustained, profitable growth. Most large consumer products companies have a highly complex portfolio that may comprise dozens or even hundreds of brands, spanning multiple categories. Some of these brands will be performing well and have strong momentum behind them, while others will be struggling and dragging down overall corporate performance and shareholder returns. Even companies with relatively few brands struggle to deliver sustained growth across the entire portfolio. EY explains how companies can find the optimal balance for profitable growth.
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The Big Picture
Each Thursday, what's next for work and the economy
What are the spending habits of today's US consumers?
McKinsey data suggests US consumers remain cautious about the economy and their spending, though there are fluctuations depending on narrow demographic subsets, as well as product types and retail channels. "It's not enough for companies to do general research on the core demographic groups in the US market, namely millennials, boomers, and Hispanics," the McKinsey analysts write.
McKinsey Quarterly (free registration) (6/2016) 
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Bias is inherent in artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence and other data-based resources are becoming important to the function of organizations, but they are only as good -- and unbiased -- as the data put into them, writes Kate Crawford. "Histories of discrimination can live on in digital platforms, and if they go unquestioned, they become part of the logic of everyday algorithmic systems," she writes.
The New York Times (free-article access for SmartBrief readers) (6/25),  MIT Technology Review online (free registration) (6/24) 
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Daily Diversion
Lessons abound from the history of the US Postal Service
The expansive, inexpensive reach of the US Postal Service was a pivotal decision made in the 1700s that has helped shape the country's growth for centuries, says author Winifred Gallagher. While the neighborhood post office is threatened, Gallagher argues that it will continue to survive in some form.
Signature (6/28) 
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Instruction does much, but encouragement everything.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,
writer and statesman
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