Helmet study reveals testing flaws, misleading conclusions | Rex Bionics to unveil walking exoskeleton at London expo | U.S. diabetes cases reached 29 million in 2012, CDC says
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June 12, 2014
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Helmet study reveals testing flaws, misleading conclusions
A Netherlands study that found cranial helmets did not provide a noticeable difference from untreated babies in correcting skull deformities was seriously flawed, in large part because it did not address treatment of children with more severe conditions, according to AOPA President Anita Liberman-Lampear. The study provided no information about how the helmets were fabricated, measurements were taken or follow-up exams conducted, said Bill Gustavson of Orthomerica. "Cranial helmets have a long history of being used very effectively in treatment for children with more significant (beyond mild to moderate) symptoms, a usage which has passed muster as to effectiveness under FDA medical device regulations," wrote Liberman-Lampear in a letter to The New York Times. O&P Almanac (Adobe Flash required) (6/2014)
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Science and Technology
Rex Bionics to unveil walking exoskeleton at London expo
Rex Bionics, maker of a self-supporting robotic walking device for individuals who are paralyzed or using wheelchairs, will demonstrate the device at the Neurological Rehabilitation Expo 2014 in London this week. London South East (U.K.) (6/11)
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Medical News
U.S. diabetes cases reached 29 million in 2012, CDC says
CDC officials say diabetes cases in the U.S. reached 29 million in 2012, while another 86 million people were at an increased risk of diabetes. Researchers also found that diabetes and related complications were associated with a total of $245 billion in health costs and lost work and wages in 2012. Reuters (6/10), HealthDay News (6/10)
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Study ties consumption of red meat to higher breast cancer risk
An analysis of data from the Nurses' Health Study II indicated that women who ate 1.5 portions of red meat each day had a 22% higher risk of breast cancer compared with those who consumed one serving in a week. Cancer risk appeared to increase by 13% for every extra daily serving of red meat, researchers reported on the website of BMJ. HealthDay News (6/10)
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Legislative and Regulatory
House committee urges DARPA to focus on amputation prevention
A report by the House Appropriations Committee recommends that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency supplement its research into advanced prosthetic limbs with studies of "restorative products and technologies which may serve as an alternative to amputation." The House report, part of the Defense Department's overall appropriation of $491 billion, also calls for continuing research into bioengineering and neural interfaces to peripheral nerves for "intelligent prosthetics.” Roll Call (free content)/Five By Five blog (6/10)
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Trend Watch
Prosthetist helps bodybuilder return to competition
After a below-knee, then an above-knee amputation following an attack of necrotizing fasciitis, 52-year-old Richard Herskovitz has become a top U.S. amateur natural bodybuilder with the help of prosthetist Dennis Haun. "I tell Dennis exactly what I'm looking for and he makes it happen," Herskovitz said. "There's never a no, we can't do that or it won't work." American News Report (6/11)
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Business and Finance
Close ties help family-owned businesses thrive
Businesses owned and managed by family members draw strength from personal ties. "The core values of a family-run business are based on the core values of family life -- every member of a family is there for the other members in their time of need, no matter how big or small that need is," says Paul Gentilini, owner of Gentilini Motors. BusinessNewsDaily.com (6/10)
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Careful planning can keep your business going after you're gone
If you want your business to stay afloat after you're gone, you should engage in succession planning that involves preparing for a wide range of circumstances rather than simply designating who the next leader should be. "It’s incumbent on any businessperson to make sure he or she has an inflow of people and training and mentoring programs," said Robert Gellman of the consulting company CBIZ MHM. "They have to do their best at making sure they’ve got the next generation of people there." Fox Business Small Business Center (6/9)
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Breaking news from AOPA
Energy levels are rising! We are at Energy Level 5 -- don't miss 5 dedicated tracks of education at the AOPA Las Vegas Assembly! While you're registering to experience the energy at the Assembly, be sure to review the schedule and tee off this year at the Thanhardt Golf Classic! AOPA is collecting video footage to create a public relations campaign promoting the Dobson-DaVanzo cost effectiveness study; O&P saves lives and money -- submit your patient care footage to AOPA ASAP! Euro International is now Steifenheder USA, and into O&P memory, prosthetics innovator Melvin Glimcher dies at 88 -- all of this and more in today's AOPA Breaking News.
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-- Marjory Stoneman Douglas,
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