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January 17, 2019
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Personalized, timely training is best for leaders
Leadership development is more successful when it takes place at the workplace with need-based, one-on-one coaching, writes Jerry Connor, who leads the BTS coaching practice. "The best organizations combine the opportunities of digital with well-defined theories of change to create learning experiences that stick and drive impact," he writes.
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Top teams define who they are
Great teams understand the organizational vision and have created their own identity and values to complement the organization's, writes Focus One CEO Douglas Gerber in this book excerpt. "The sense of being part of something much bigger drives team members the extra mile," he writes.
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Everything You Need to Know About Per Diems
Learn how to reduce travel costs by incorporating per diems into your company's travel policy. Discover how setting flexible guidelines will cut down on overall travel costs while keeping your employees happy. Read More.
Strategic Management
Survey: Chief strategy officers feel ineffective, adrift
Only one in four chief strategy officers surveyed by Strategy+Business believe they're excelling at value creation, with many feeling the role is ill-defined and that they're not given the time or authority to develop long-term goals, write Paul Leinwand, Nils Naujok and Joachim Rotering of Strategy&. "[T]he CEO needs to hold the CSO accountable to work with the executive team to develop answers to the fundamental strategic questions that all companies need to address," they write.
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Collaboration keeps strategy on track
Collaboration keeps strategy on track
Strategy will avoid dilution after launch if every level of leadership participates in the planning process and collaborates throughout execution, writes Reed Deshler. "A strategy is only a hope until and unless it is embraced and implemented on the front lines," he writes.
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Scale your values with your business
Every business grows and changes. Never lose sight of those who made it great in the first place: your people. That's why brand culture should be your focus. In MOO's ebook, learn the 10 tips that will help scale your business and your work culture. Download now
Smarter Communication
Revisiting Andy Grove's idea of one-on-ones
Doing one-on-one meetings the right way, as the late Intel CEO Andy Grove taught, requires the employee to set an agenda ahead of time for the manager, meeting at regular intervals and the discussion of serious, potentially uncomfortable topics, writes Norman Wright. Effective one-on-ones can still occur using other tactics, Wright argues, as long as the purpose remains "mutual teaching and exchange of information," as Grove wrote.
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The Big Picture
Each Thursday, what's next for work and the economy
These tools help companies look into the future
CEOs will have a better idea of what the future holds with tactics such as scenario planning and predictive software, says futurist Alexandra Levit. She also recommends environmental scanning, which "drills down further to your industry and your competitors and how the world in which your business operates is likely to shift over the next several years."
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In Their Own Words
Hershey exec on purpose's role in long-term success
Companies must be clear on their purpose to succeed in the long term, Hershey US President Todd Tillemans writes. Each company's specific purpose must include measurable goals and buy-in from employees who are also encouraged to seek out their own purposes, he says.
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Daily Diversion
Prodigy spends days in 4th grade and nights at college
Kairan Quazi is 9, attends a school for the gifted by day and college at night, with a tech internship coming this summer. He excels at math, science and computer languages but says he still needs to work on spelling and handwriting.
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The love of one's country is a splendid thing. But why should love stop at the border? There is a brotherhood among all men. This must be recognized if life is to remain. We must learn the love of man.
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