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June 1, 2020
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SAP's Rushenka Perera talks about the importance of brand-led initiatives during the pandemic and the pivot to digital experiences and virtual events. She also discusses specific offers for customers, such as support around remote working, saying, "It's about displaying empathy and showing how we can help."
Full Story: CMO (Australia) (6/1) 
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Change Management That Works
Celebrating success in advance can lead to achievement
The veterinary industry faced challenges common to other businesses, such as disruptions to appointment processes, when the pandemic hit, writes Abby Suiter, a practice manager. Based on the work of Laura Camacho, Suiter looked ahead to how it would feel to achieve a goal and have a positive outcome, concluding the team would be able to say, "[t]ogether, we successfully weathered the storm of a global pandemic."
Full Story: Today's Veterinary Business (6/1) 
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People - Planet - Profitability
Businesses that choose a conscious capitalism model can end up profiting when they change their locus to values and work to inspire participatory, aware citizens, writes Lauren Irwin-Szostak. "When employees feel that they're working under your thumb every day to turn a profit for your organization with no greater purpose, you're actually suffocating your company's culture," she notes.
Full Story: CEOWorld Magazine (5/29) 
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Climate still matters as an investor priority, but the pandemic has forced changes that include how workers are treated and a renewed emphasis on data tracking. "In our polling, we hear less about executive pay as a number and more about the relative degree of compensation, and if companies have done well (during the crisis) but not taken that capital and invested in their workforce," said JUST Capital CEO Martin Whittaker.
Full Story: Pensions & Investments (free access for SmartBrief readers) (6/1) 
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Going Digital
The digital efforts of Williams Sonoma, including a heavy focus on e-commerce, have helped the brand remain resilient as the online space now represents 71% of its sales, based on company data. The company's digital efforts were already well-established, but it added visualization tools and more comprehensive online customer service as demand grew during the pandemic.
Full Story: Modern Retail (tiered subscription model) (6/1) 
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Rackspace and New Relic are joining to support rapid digital acceleration as the pandemic affects businesses. The partnership's goal is to improve performance and reduce costs through observability.
Full Story: CRN (US) (5/29) 
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