A heat wave is plaguing much of the US | We're havin' a heat wave, a miserable heat wave | This devoted son climbed a burning building to find his mom
July 19, 2019
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A heat wave is plaguing much of the US
We're havin' a heat wave, a miserable heat wave
Why it matters: The heat wave spreading across the US extends from the Plains to the Northeast and South. It's a disappointment and inconvenience for would-be participants in the now-canceled New York City Triathlon. More important, it's downright dangerous. Excessive heat can be more hazardous at night, as a European study found, because efforts to deal with the high temps all day have a cumulative effect. People in cities also have to contend with the urban island effect. Unfortunately, it looks like our weekend is going to be a "while you were sweating" kind of situation. --Paula
The Weather Channel (7/19),  Curbed/New York (7/19),  BuzzFeed News (7/19),  Vox (7/19) 
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This devoted son climbed a burning building to find his mom
Why it matters: A man in West Philadelphia thought his mom was trapped in a burning building. He wasn't allowed in, so he scaled the building to reach her 15th-floor apartment. When he got there, he couldn't get in because of the building's design, so he climbed back down. There's a happy ending: His mom is safe. She also knows nothing will keep her son from looking out for her. --Paula
WPVI-TV (Philadelphia) (7/19) 
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A 16-year-old and her dad spread compassion through "joyineering"
Why it matters: Had enough stories of spoiled kids pleading to have a smartphone before they are out of single digits? This story will give you hope. Lilliana Libecki, who is now 16, and her dad created the Joyineering Fund from the inspiration they found five years ago when they shared an adventure in Antarctica to ski with penguins. "Joyineering is the act of bringing joy to our Mother Earth in all possible ways," she says. Check out all they are doing by visiting this link. --Paula
Outside Magazine online (7/19) 
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Astronaut Michael Collins' note to the Apollo 11 command module
Why it matters: The three astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission, including Michael Collins, hold a distinctive place in our history and are especially pertinent during this week's celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. Collins shares his memories about the command module, along with the words he inscribed on one of its equipment bays after touching down, calling it "the finest ship to come down the line." --Paula
National Geographic online (7/19) 
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For Your Viewing Pleasure
People are feline absolutely catty about the new "Cats" trailer
If you haven't heard opinions about the new "Cats" trailer, you must've been catnapping. It's unavoidable. The movie musical has big-name stars, and the chatter about these stars -- James Corden, Idris Elba, Taylor Swift and Judi Dench, to name some of them -- as cat/human hybrids is not exactly flattering. Street lamps may not be the only things dying in this iteration of the beloved musical. --Paula
GameSpot (7/19),  HuffPost UK (7/19) 
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Use a Venn diagram to feed people with different diets
Whether you're feeding a family with kids or a group of friends, it can be hard to accommodate everyone's dietary needs and preferences. LifeHacker has one solution: Use a "Venn diagram menu" to provide a base that everyone can eat, and then offer add-ons for individual customization. This works with various types of cuisine and lets diners feel more involved. Hopefully it'll cut down on food waste and make life easier for the cook or host too. --Cathy
Well+Good (7/19) 
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For Your Wish List
Funko's new board game line may be golden
Funko CEO Brian Mariotti is betting people want to unplug. Comic-Con attendees were the first to see the company's Funkoverse board games that will be introduced in October, featuring "The Golden Girls," "Rick & Morty," Harry Potter and other characters. I wonder if there's a tiny lanai on the Golden Girls board. --Paula
CNET (7/19) 
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Astronauts on Apollo 7 didn't actually eat freeze-dried ice cream
When I was a young Girl Scout, I attended many overnights at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore, where I frequently bought freeze-dried astronaut ice cream at the gift shop. But it turns out I wasn't actually eating what the astronauts ate on Apollo 7. Crew member Walt Cunningham says, "We never had that stuff," but he wishes they had. Astronauts on that mission may have enjoyed real ice cream, but the chalky stuff would've been a hazard on board. Perhaps the science center -- and other attractions like it -- should start selling real space-based treats, such as the one mentioned at the end of this video. --Cathy
Vox (7/19) 
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This is Cool
21 small steps for society
Between humans and robotic probes, there have been 21 successful moon landings. You know, of course, about Apollo 11, but thanks to a new interactive graphic from Smithsonian Magazine, you can now access synopses of all successful missions to the moon in one place in a format that's less overwhelming than Wikipedia. It's clear there's still plenty of lunar ground to cover, but progress has been made with a Chinese spacecraft's recent touchdown on the far side of the moon. --Evan
Smithsonian online (7/19) 
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Your Future
Survey Results
Is work less fulfilling in 2019 than it was before?
Count me in among the "disconnected."  58.22%
Things are as great as they ever were.  22.75%
I'm still deciding.  19.03%
An antidote for disconnection
The results of yesterday's poll shouldn't have surprised me, because I personally was among the disconnected for quite a few years. I don't believe in quick fixes, but I do believe there's hope. (I'm looking at you, the "still deciding" group.) As this article notes, science supports the idea that showing gratitude has a role in helping turn things around. It's not the only solution, of course, but something to consider when you're struggling to find your place. --Paula
Foundation for Economic Education (7/19) 
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Happy Hour Fun
Drink like an astronaut at this N.C. baseball game
If you still want to eat so-called astronaut ice cream after watching that Vox video, head to the concession area at McCormick Field in Asheville, N.C., tomorrow night. They'll be selling an ice cream sundae called the Astronaut that features a freeze-dried ice cream sandwich, as well as an Apollo 11 Cocktail made with Pop Rocks and Tang, the latter of which astronauts actually did drink. The baseball game between the Asheville Tourists and Rome Braves will have plenty of other NASA-themed moments, so it should be an all-American kind of night. --Cathy
Asheville Citizen-Times (N.C.) (tiered subscription model) (7/19) 
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WYWW Playlist
"I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by Sleeping at Last
The Friday cover songs continue ... this song was submitted by DeAnna G. The original version by The Proclaimers is here.

We created a WYWW playlist on Spotify to keep track of all the songs listed in this space. Enjoy!
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Enjoy the View
Sunset in ... northwest Florida
Sunset in ... northwest Florida
(Michael G.)
This was taken by Michael G. along the northwest coast of Florida.
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Paula Kiger
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To close out my week of coordinating WYWW and to celebrate the Apollo 11 anniversary, I changed my headshot to a different picture today. This is the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building. Every astronaut who has lifted off from Kennedy Space Center walked through this door. I continue to be in awe of them. 

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It's human nature to stretch, to go, to see, to understand. Exploration is not a choice, really; it's an imperative.
Michael Collins,
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