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October 17, 2019
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Spend time alone to sort out your priorities
Spending time in solitude can help leaders organize their thoughts, prioritize their tasks and reflect on their feelings, writes LaRae Quy. "Alone time invites you to go deeper into who you are and who you want to be," Quy writes.
SmartBrief/Leadership (10/16) 
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Is it true that women lack confidence?
A driveway mishap caused Jane Perdue to be more mindful leaving the house, but she questions a friend's suggestion that the incident was likely to undermine her self-confidence. "Being cautious is totally different than lacking confidence," Perdue writes.
The Jane Group (10/15) 
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Boost productivity ahead of a downturn
In the burnout age, we confuse volume with efficiency: Over 60% of managers spend 3+ hours a day on administrative tasks instead of managing people. Organizations can produce more with the same resources if they rethink how their people spend their time. Rethink productivity
Strategic Management
Why Costco is getting into the poultry business
Why Costco is getting into the poultry business
Costco is opening its own poultry facility in Nebraska to keep its rotisserie chicken prices at $4.99, a move that might be mimicked by others if it is successful. The chickens are valuable because customers who visit the back of the store to buy them may be inclined to purchase the items they pass.
CNN (10/11) 
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How Interest Rates Impact Marketing Strategy
Interest rate volatility is creating uncertainty in the industry over the very thing that drives the whole business model. How do financial institutions adjust to this unprecedented lending environment? Read our article to find out.
Smarter Communication
Persuade others with a confident tone of voice
People tend to be more persuaded by those who exude confidence in the modulation of the tone, pitch and speed of their voice, according to research by Wharton School professor Jonah Berger. "We should think about situations where that humanizing power of voice is useful, where the persuading power of voice is useful, and make sure to use those features of our voice that can help us," Berger says.
Knowledge@Wharton (10/15) 
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Replace negative "buts" with the power of "now"
Use the word "now" rather than "but" when transitioning from a piece of positive feedback to an action item, writes Liz Kislik. "It leads to something else, in the more positive future, as opposed to undercutting what came before," she writes.
Liz Kislik Associates (10/16) 
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[On-Demand Webinar] 6 Ways to Win with Video
Video can help create a personal connection when you can't be there in person. Watch this webinar on-demand, to explore how to use low-cost video content to increase conversion and engagement rates across your inbound marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, and more.
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The Big Picture
Each Thursday, what's next for work and the economy
Technology fuels, challenges work-from-home economy
Technology changes and the availability of stable internet connections have increased the number of remote workers in the US since 2008, with many saying they enjoy the flexibility of working from home. Challenges remain, however, including feelings of isolation and ways to effectively collaborate with team members.
Vox (10/9) 
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In Their Own Words
Aflac CEO: Focus on employees to succeed in business
Social responsibility, taking care of employees and taking risks, such as having an advertising strategy based on a duck, have been top priorities for Aflac CEO Dan Amos during his nearly 30-year tenure. "If all you're talking about is making money, then I don't think long-term you'll succeed as a company," he says.
Fortune (10/10) 
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Daily Diversion
Researchers say the moon has relatively recent ice deposits
Researchers say most of the ice on the moon's south pole is more than 3 billion years old, possibly produced by volcanoes or asteroids, and younger ice deposits may have come from meteorites or solar wind instead. The ice, scientists say, could serve as a source of water or rocket fuel for human visits.
Space (10/16) 
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