June 24, 2021
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The case for waking up to chocolate
Why it matters: Let's be honest, a study with a sample size of 19 people is not going to make a credible dent in any nutritional practices. But this one says that there's a 1-hour window every morning during which consuming 100 grams of chocolate could reduce blood sugar and stimulate fat burning. A chocolate lover can dream ... -- Paula
Full Story: Medical Dialogues (6/25) 
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Warren Buffett steps back from the Gates Foundation
Buffett (J. Countess/Getty Images)
Why it matters: Warren Buffett has been giving most of his money to the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation for 10 years and has been the only trustee besides the Gateses since 2006. This departure may just reflect an opportune time to back out. Some of Buffett's comments, though, raise questions about how the future of billionaire philanthropy is changing. -- Paula
Full Story: Vox (6/23),  The Wall Street Journal (6/23),  Forbes (tiered subscription model) (6/23) 
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Why it matters: There has been growing buzz in engineering circles about the potential of 3D printing to address the global housing crisis. But a project in Malawi shows the technology may also help narrow the education accessibility gap. 14Trees, a joint venture between LafargeHolcim and CDC Group, needed just 18 hours to build the first 3D-printed school building. The school, located in Malawi's Salima district, was made with a proprietary ink that the companies say lowered the environmental footprint of the project by 50%. --Evan
Full Story: Technext (Nigeria) (6/24) 
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Why it matters: If Johnny Carson defined the late night talk show and young David Letterman was the anti-talk show, Conan O'Brien was both. He had a sidekick and band, wore a suit and sat behind a desk. But Conan's shows are an absurdist landscape filled with fake characters, mascots and a comic generosity that made everyone -- performers, guests and the audience -- feel like they were finally home. Vulture interviewed 12 actors and comics about Conan's effect on them as his latest show ends tonight.

"The Good Place" star D'arcy Carden sums it up best: "He straddled the line between buttoned-up late-night hosts and young punk dum-dums. He was so goofy and silly and whimsical and absurd. It was so stupid, truly, that it really felt like he was getting away with something."  -- James daSilva
Full Story: Vulture (tiered subscription model) (6/24) 
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Why it matters: A supermoon, which appears brighter and larger than an ordinary full moon, will rise in the sky tonight. This particular moon is also called a strawberry moon because it comes as strawberries are being grown in North America, according to the Farmers' Almanac. It may not be red like its namesake fruit, but it'll still be pretty. -- Cathy
Full Story: CNET (6/23) 
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For Your Viewing Pleasure
Enjoy Six Appeal's "Breathe," a live acapella cover of "In The Heights" x Ariana Grande
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Why it matters: The stereotypical person with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a young boy, usually white. However, the condition also affects girls, women and people of color -- they just aren't as likely to be diagnosed, for a whole host of societal reasons. This article looks at the role privilege and bias play in ADHD diagnosis and treatment and highlights how some people are working to change the narrative. As someone who has several female friends with ADHD, I applaud their efforts. -- Cathy
Full Story: Mashable (6/24) 
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Why are investors flocking towards alternatives?
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    This is Cool
    Las Vegas' first new resort since 2010, Resorts World Las Vegas, opened today. The venue prides itself on its comprehensive digital approach; no visitor should need a ticket or physical credit card as long as they have their phone. Of course, no matter how digital the process is, there has to be money in the bank for it all to work. -- Paula
    Full Story: Las Vegas Review-Journal (tiered subscription model) (6/24) 
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    Your Future
    Happy Hour Fun
    A drink everyone can enjoy on National Bomb Pop Day
    YouTube/XylverXhani Official
    Why it matters: Today is National Bomb Pop Day. For me, that evokes images of hot summer days and drippy poolside treats. The video is strangely hypnotic. It doesn't give specific proportions, though, so here are some other mocktail summer treats you might enjoy. -- Paula
    Full Story: YouTube (6/17) 
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    WYWW Playlist
    There is a WYWW playlist on Spotify to keep track of all the songs listed in this space. Enjoy!
    Full Story: YouTube (6/23),  YouTube (6/23) 
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    Enjoy the View
    St. Lucia
    St. Lucia
    (Tenley Ward)
    This photo was submitted by Tenley Ward.
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    About the Editors
    Paula Kiger
    Paula Kiger
    There are a few personal Easter eggs in this issue related to my daughter, who got married last month. The Springsteen song is what she and my husband danced to. The St. Lucia picture is from her honeymoon. She's been in my life for a quarter century (effective Saturday) and I'm so grateful to be her mom. Happy birthday, Tenley!

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    Thank you to Cathy, Evan and James for contributing to today's issue.
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    I just think that representation and visibility are so important.
    Carl Nassib,
    first active National Football League player to come out as gay
    June is Pride Month
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