April 22, 2021
SmartBrief on Leadership
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Leading Edge
Leaders who constantly feel tired, discouraged, frustrated or negative should reflect on their feelings and prioritize the "magic elixir" of gratitude, writes Dan Rockwell. "Don't wait to feel grateful to practice gratitude," he writes.
Full Story: Leadership Freak (4/21) 
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Burnout can leave people feeling cynical and exhausted, and small steps to combat this include pushing back on overwork, building personal connections and helping others with the same struggle, writes LaRae Quy. "It may seem like an added burden to your already overloaded day, but humans like to make sense of the messiness of life and your effort to help someone else may be just the thing to wipe out your own cynicism," she writes.
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An Advanced Management Program for a New Era
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Smarter Communication
Negotiate a win-win deal by staying positive, watching for body language cues and helping the other party in ways that won't hurt you, writes Chi Whitley. "A good rule of thumb is to have a couple of backup plans and to know what you'll do if you can't negotiate a deal," Whitley writes.
Full Story: Inpower Coaching (4/21) 
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Pandemic communication needs to move beyond one-too-many channels and start prioritizing frequent one-on-one conversations, writes Harvard Business School professor Boris Groysberg. "It's on leaders to make the first move to close the distance by speaking honestly, simply, and clearly about matters at hand, and demonstrating their willingness to listen," he writes.
Full Story: Harvard Business School Working Knowledge (4/21) 
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$9.20 back from every $1 spent on HCM Software
In this report, Nucleus Research uncovers how HCM technology can not only help streamline these processes, but pay back over 9 times for every dollar spent.
In Their Own Words
Disney CEO Bob Chapek wants outside expertise and input into important work, but it's up to him to buckle down during the final week of preparation for an event. "I may ask somebody for the answer to a specific question, but from here on in I'm focusing on the key points and developing a list of likely derivative questions," he says.
Full Story: Chief Executive (4/21) 
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The social justice movement that gathered momentum in the aftermath of George Floyd's murder forced many industries, including renewables, to take a long, hard look at their diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. This podcast features (Kenneth) Labeja, co-founder and chief financial officer of Triple Oak Power, and Dareem David, director of finance at Primergy Solar -- two Black men who have worked in renewables for years who share their insider perspectives on what the industry gets right, what it gets wrong and how it can get better.
Full Story: Renewable Energy SmartPod (4/21) 
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How Does Recognition Build Inclusion?
Building truly inclusive cultures means going beyond just improving diversity numbers in recruiting. Instead, build inclusion into the everyday employee experience and your company culture. Here are four ways recognition builds inclusion. Learn more
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Daily Diversion
Designer Amber Share has created posters for every national park based on bad online reviews that describe those places as "Amazingly boring" or "Nothing scenic about it." Share says she hopes the posters will "put a positive, fun spin on such a negative mindset."
Full Story: My Modern Metropolis (4/20) 
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