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July 5, 2019
News, Not Noise

The Most-Clicked Stories from the First Half of 2019
Today's edition of WYWW is a fun recap of the most-clicked stories and songs from the first half of 2019. There are some great stories and awesome tunes in here, so please enjoy!
This Happened
1. This spoof ad is spectacular
Why it matters: Sadly, many people will watch the above ad and think: I want that app! That will be unfortunate for those people for many reasons, but particularly because the app isn't real. So not only is this ad fake and hilarious, it is also a bit of a tongue-in-cheek public service announcement. Pass it along to that certain someone you know who needs to spend more time looking up.
Fast Company online (5/1) 
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2. A photo emerged of a rail gun atop a Chinese navy ship
Why it matters: Those of you who heeded the first WYWW book recommendation and read "Ghost Fleet" know all about rail guns. They are Top Secret. They are devastating. And they are real.

If you don't know what a rail gun is, this piece explains what they are, how they work (complete with a video and diagrams) and how they will change the face of modern warfare.
ABC (Australia) (1/3) 
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3. These 5 popular management phrases got exposed
Why it matters: They are cliches and if you don't use them yourself, someone you know probably does. I am guilty as charged on 3 out of the 5 phrases. To manage your expectations, I might circle back one day and tell you which ones are usually on my radar screen.
Fast Company online (1/25) 
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4. Michelob created a "brain orgasm" Super Bowl ad
Why it matters: Autonomous sensory meridian response is the name of the tingly feeling some people get when they hear certain sounds. It is essentially the opposite of the sensation you might get when you hear fingernails on a chalkboard.

Michelob tapped into such sounds to create an ad that will probably bring your Super Bowl party to a sensational pause whenever the the commercial airs. Here is the video. Watch it and see how it makes you feel. It worked on me.
The Associated Press (2/1) 
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5. Why is ice slippery?
Why it matters: With much of the US blanketed by a polar vortex, those of you cooped up inside might like this story about why all that ice out there is slippery.

Speaking of the polar vortex, I gotta hand it to The Onion ... this is pretty funny.
Vox (1/30) 
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6. what3words blew my mind
Why it matters: Imagine an entirely new global mapping system that ditches the need for street names and address numbers and instead relies on three unique identifying words for every location on Earth. Imagine no more ... it exists. In 26 languages!

Maybe someday when I am in a Lyft headed to the office, I will just tell the app to take me to ///look.those.glory

TechCrunch (1/14) 
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7. "The Ice Monster" became your new favorite nature photo
Why it matters: For the 54th year in a row, the Natural History Museum in London held its Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. One of the goals of the competition is to get people a fresh perspective on the impact human behavior can have on nature. Not surprisingly, some of the photos - like "The Ice Monster" - are incredible.
World Economic Forum (1/21) 
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8. This job interview tactic is savage
Why it matters: The next time you are interviewing for a job and the hiring manager suggests you go to lunch, beware!
Quartz (3/8) 
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9. An age for "peak optimism" was determined
At what age do you think humans are generally their most optimistic? In our teens? Maybe in college? Or perhaps later in life when we have garnered a bit more wisdom?

Optimism ebbs and flows throughout life, but researchers have determined the exact age when it might peak for most humans. The answer might surprise you.
World Economic Forum (5/21) 
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10. The cost of genius
Why it matters: The opening paragraph of this story is incredible and the rest of the piece will keep you wishing you could scroll faster.

Many people wish they could be a genius (or think they are). Lots of parents wish for their children to be considered "gifted." This story details what life can be like for a person who truly is a genius. It is an eye-opener because it details how something so many people yearn for can sometimes be a curse. It is the most fascinating story I've read in a long time.
The Economist Group/1843 Magazine (6/1) 
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WYWW Playlist
Here are the Top 10 most-clicked songs from the WYWW Playlist seciton of the newsletter. You can find them all on the WYWW playlist on Spotify. Note: I excluded the songs that were part of the cover song contest because we already know which of those were most popular.
Here and There
A big Wimbledon ask
This is a big ask, but I am wondering if any WYWW readers might have access to tickets for the Wimbledon matches next Tuesday (July 9) or Thursday (July 11). My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are going to be in London and it has always been on their "bucket list" to attend a match at Wimbledon. I am trying to make it happen for them, but could use some help. I am happy to pay a decent price, but so far the prices I have seen on the secondary market are way too high. So if you have some extra tickets -- or if your company has tickets that aren't being used -- please shoot me an email. I know it's a long shot, but I figure it couldn't hurt to ask.
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WYWWers Helping WYWWers
Fireworks in Alaska
The sunset photo in Wednesday's WYWW led me to ask if fireworks are a big part of celebrating July 4 in Alaska because it is so light out at that this of year. WYWW readers Catherine B., Melinda R. and Tamara M. let me know that while personal fireworks are banned in Alaska this year because of wildfire concerns, they aren't really as big of a deal up there on Independence Day as they are in other parts of the US. However, apparently Alaskans make up for it by going big on the fireworks on New Year's Eve.
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Enjoy the View
Enjoy the sunset ... Montana
(Lin B.)
Enjoy the sunset ... Montana
Here is a look at the sunset over the Lolo Creek Distillery in Lolo, Montana. This was submitted by Lin B.

If you have a cool sunset or sunrise photo you want to share, send it my way.
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