April 29, 2021
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NASA's Ingenuity captured an image of the Perseverance Mars rover Sunday as it flew over Mars' surface. The photo is the first ever taken of one of the rovers from that particular vantage point, mission scientists say.
Full Story: Space (4/28) 
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Science in the News
The more accurate a clock is the more entropy it creates, according to findings set for publication in Physical Review X. Physicists created a simplified clock with a thin membrane that was jostled at each tick, producing an electric signal that got stronger as the clock became more accurate, in tandem with the amount of entropy.
Full Story: Science News (4/28) 
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An analysis of barite described during the virtual conference of the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2021 suggests Earth's continental crust could be about 3.7 billion years old or more. Researchers calculated the ages of a half dozen barite mineral deposits by figuring out the ratio of a pair of strontium isotopes, then worked out when strontium began to leak into the oceans, creating the barites.
Full Story: LiveScience (4/28) 
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A small, fluorescent toadlet found in Brazil is a new species and is described in PLOS ONE. The orange-colored amphibian is less than 3 centimeters long, is a member of the pumpkin toadlet genus and is poisonous.
Full Story: CNN (4/28) 
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The Earth's poles have both shifted about 13 feet since 1980, and the main cause is billions of tons of ice melting from climate change, according to a study in Geophysical Research Letters. The movement has not been enough to affect daily life, the study said.
Full Story: USA Today (4/26) 
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Olfactory dysfunction may help predict dementia in T2D
Olfactory dysfunction could serve as an early marker for probable dementia among older adults with type 2 diabetes, according to a study in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice. The findings, based on data from 151 older adults with type 2 diabetes in Japan, also revealed that older age, greater total protein concentration and more frequent sulfonylurea use were among the factors significantly linked to the development of probable dementia.
Full Story: Medical Dialogues (4/23) 
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An ultrasonically actuated needle that is able to obtain a large amount of tissue with less discomfort and complications than conventional biopsy needles was developed by researchers from Aalto University in Finland, according to a study in Scientific Reports. "We were able to show that the ultrasonic vibrations increase the biopsy yield by 3 to 6 times compared to the same needle without ultrasound, which was even greater than we hoped for," researcher Emanuele Perra said.
Full Story: MedGadget (4/22) 
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Funding Watch
The NIH has awarded a $433,000 grant to Rutgers University to aid in the development of a breath-based test that could detect not only SARS-CoV-2 but also other respiratory diseases like Legionnaires' disease, the flu and Middle East respiratory syndrome.
Full Story: Patch (4/27) 
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As an undergraduate student in 2010, Atbin Doroodchi was a recipient of the Sigma Xi Grants in Aid of Research program for his study of the pathophysiology of restless legs syndrome. We caught up with the fourth-year surgery resident at the Medical College of Georgia and asked him to reflect on the award and the influence it had on the early stages of his career path into plastic and reconstructive surgery. Read more.
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