March 24, 2021
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Students have not been on vacation, professor says
As students return to their school buildings, educators should remember that students are not coming back rested from a vacation but weathered from a year of traumatizing events, and instruction should be adjusted accordingly, says Diana Arya, education professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Arya will participate in a panel discussion about student emotional wellness and reading instruction Thursday with reading specialist Donell Pons and Nevada Teacher of the Year 2021 Juliana Urtubey.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Education (3/24) 
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April 1st: Free Online K-12 eLearning Conference
Learn from K-12 innovators who are using technology, including Wacom pen tablets, to improve students' experiences and engagement. Featured presentations on STEM success in Santa Fe Public Schools, Sketch Noting, Creativity with FableVision and more. Register now.
One Wisconsin school district is using drones to provide rural students with internet access. The drones, which are tethered to a power source, serve as a hot spot, providing coverage to areas with no or inadequate access to a high-speed internet connection.
Full Story: Tech & Learning (3/22) 
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Studies: Physical books aid reading comprehension
Children perform better on reading comprehension tests after reading a paper book -- rather than a digital book -- according to a review by European researchers of 39 studies that took place in the US, UK, Argentina, Canada, Jordan, Israel, the Netherlands and Thailand. Researchers found that e-books with higher numbers of "bells and whistles" unrelated to the story harmed students' reading comprehension.
Full Story: The Hechinger Report (3/22) 
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Systems Management
Students from lower-income families were less likely to have access to technology at home and less live contact with their teachers, according to a study by researchers at the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. Data shows that overall access to devices has improved, but internet access improved only slightly.
Full Story: T.H.E. Journal (3/23) 
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Managing Budgets
The US directed $912 million to go toward education in Puerto Rico and will help guide its use to support students' academic, social, emotional and mental health needs. The effort comes as Puerto Rico continues to recover from devastating hurricanes in 2017, earthquakes in 2019 and the coronavirus pandemic.
Full Story: The Associated Press (3/22) 
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Schools and Social Media
Opinion: How teens' social media use affects sleep
There is a connection between teens' social media use and lack of sleep, write Heather Cleland Woods and Holly Scott, lecturers at the University of Glasgow's School of Psychology. In this commentary, they suggest opening a dialogue with students focused on their concerns about disconnecting late at night.
Full Story: TES (UK) (3/19) 
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Last Byte
Apple, Epic executives will take the stand in Fortnite trial
(Chris Delmas/Getty Images)
The upcoming showdown between Epic Games and Apple in the Fortnite-focused antitrust lawsuit is expected to include testimony from both companies' C-suites: Epic CEO Tim Sweeney and Vice President Mark Rein will likely testify, as will Apple CEO Tim Cook and App Store chief Phil Schiller, who could be on the witness stand for 11 hours.
Full Story: The Verge (3/20) 
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