10 ideas for keeping insurance sales volume strong at year-end | Commentary: Women need to take charge of end-of-life planning | Survey: Many pre-retirees go it alone on planning
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November 18, 2013
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10 ideas for keeping insurance sales volume strong at year-end
Explaining the benefits of increased life insurance coverage and maintaining a steady schedule of appointments are among the ways to keep sales strong through the end of the year, Sandy Schussel writes. "Don't sell to [clients], serve them. If they want to put off applying for the insurance they need and you believe the delay does not serve them, tell them passionately why they're wrong," Schussel writes. National Underwriter Life & Health (11/14)
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Banking ecosystems offer enhanced growth
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Industry News
Commentary: Women need to take charge of end-of-life planning
Reliance on a spouse or significant other to take care of end-of-life planning can lead to disaster if inadequate financial protections are in place, writes Melody Juge of Life Income Management. Women need to take a proactive role in such planning, which should involve life insurance that at a minimum covers final expenses, debt, taxes and two years of living expenses, Juge writes. MarketWatch/The RetireMentors blog (11/15)
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Survey: Many pre-retirees go it alone on planning
Many Americans approaching retirement aren't getting help from financial advisers, according to a survey by Spectrem Group's Millionaire Corner. Among 50- to 64-year-olds with a 401(k), about 50% don't work with an adviser, the survey indicates. ThinkAdvisor (11/14)
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Policy Watch
President, insurers discuss possible health care law improvements
Executives of 15 insurers met with President Barack Obama as federal officials seek help with enrollment problems on health care exchanges. Among the topics discussed were possible enrollment directly via insurer websites as well as insurers' concerns about the lack of young, healthy people signing up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act, sources said. Bloomberg (11/15)
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Concern rises over Medicare scams amid ACA rollout
The Federal Trade Commission has seen a major increase in Medicare complaints, with nearly 2,000 logged in September, compared with 57 in January 2012, data show. Many complaints have involved fraud allegations. Consumer advocates say that scammers are taking advantage of people's confusion about the Affordable Care Act. The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (11/17)
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SEC warns against calling funds "guaranteed" or "protected"
The Securities and Exchange Commission says in updated guidance that using fund names that suggest safety or protection from loss could deceive investors. The regulator says terms such as "guaranteed" and "protected" shouldn't be used in naming mutual funds. ThinkAdvisor (11/14)
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Some clients need help to see a retirement's plans holes
Retirement plans can carry significant holes, V.L. Hartmann writes in describing adviser Lisa Fox's review of one client's approach, and how she helped him. The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (11/14)
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Hispanics a natural market for life insurance
According to a recent LIMRA study titled "Financial Protection for Hispanics," Hispanics offer a natural market for life insurance. "While the Hispanic population is complex -- they come from many countries -- they share a tendency to be young, with large families including children and extended family members," says Nilufer Ahmed, senior research director at LIMRA Insurance Research. "Their strong emphasis on family makes them a natural market for life insurance." Read more on the Advisor Today Blog.
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A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason."
-- J.P. Morgan,
American financier
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