June 30, 2021
SmartBrief on Leadership
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Leading Edge
Take control of your life by reclaiming your time
Focus on important tasks, do each of them one at a time and turn down requests that distract from meaningful work to make the best use of your day, writes Dan Rockwell. "You've lost control of your life if you can't control your time," he writes.
Full Story: Leadership Freak (6/29) 
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Leaders who are "diminishers" tend to believe they are the most important part of the team, but "multipliers" allow team members to contribute their own form of "genius" to the process for true collaboration, says Liz Wiseman. "This boss is someone so confident in their intelligence that they actually share it with others," she says.
Full Story: Financial Post (Canada) (6/29) 
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Strategic Management
"Irresistible superiority" is a concept developed at Procter & Gamble by Chief Research, Development & Innovation Officer Kathy Fish to stave off encroachment by smaller, more agile competitors. Harvard Business School Assistant Professor Emily Truelove shares a case study she did, exploring P&G's decision to focus on compelling product experiences.
Full Story: Harvard Business School Working Knowledge (6/29) 
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Smarter Communication
Make your presentations memorable by sticking to the core idea, keeping the main points to five or fewer and creating a logical framework, writes Stephanie Scotti. "This framework becomes the road map, letting your audience know where you are taking them -- directly and unmistakably -- from Point A to Point B," she writes.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Leadership (6/29) 
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Put yourself in your team members' shoes, ask what kind of information they need and find out what communication style they prefer, writes Scott Eblin. Go on a "listening tour" to understand the "so what?" behind every employee's motivations so you can focus on clearly answering their questions and meeting their needs, he writes.
Full Story: Eblin Group (6/29) 
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In Their Own Words
Bradley & Parker CEO Wynne Nowland, who came out as transgender at her organization in 2017 after working there for almost three decades, says leaders need to communicate, educate and provide examples to pave the way for change. Nowland encourages companies to "come up with a communication and education program that puts out to your team and into your population that you are a welcoming environment and that people are encouraged to live and work as their authentic selves."
Full Story: Chief Executive (6/29) 
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Daily Diversion
Industrial designers Peter Eckart and Kai Linke have curated nearly 1,400 pieces of plastic, disposable tableware in an exhibit called "Spoon Archaeology" to draw attention to the environmental effects of single-use items. The collection includes regular forks, spoons and knives, but also more unique pieces such as ice cream tasters and cocktail forks arranged by purpose, shapes and sizes.
Full Story: This Is Colossal (6/28) 
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About The Editor
Paula Kiger
Paula Kiger
Hello! I'm editing SmartBrief on Leadership this week while James daSilva is on vacation.

I appreciate Wynne Nowland's thoughts about how companies can create effective diversity plans. Nowland is right -- we all overcomplicate things sometimes, as individuals and as organizations. 

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