January 14, 2020
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This Happened
Heathrow airport enhanced its drone defenses
(Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)
Why it matters: As part of their continued effort to avoid a repeat of the incursions that ensnarled Gatwick airport in late 2018, officials at Heathrow airport say they have deployed a new system to detect and identify unauthorized drones. The "Counter Drone" system uses a holographic radar system to not only detect drones, but also locate their pilots.
Full Story: Engadget/The Associated Press (1/14) 
Why it matters: When it comes to resisting the urge to chomp on tasty marshmallows, it turns out teamwork matters. A new spin on the classic "marshmallow test," which studied children's ability to delay gratification, found kids are more likely to delay gratification when the delay is part of a cooperative effort with other kids.
Full Story: Association for Psychological Science (1/14) 
Why it matters: This piece outlines 4 key challenges that need to be overcome to enhance cybersecurity. The scary thing is that cybersecurity leaders have been banging on drums trying to tackle the first two challenges for YEARS. And yet, as the Microsoft-NSA story further down today's newsletter indicates, those issues haven't been fully addressed.
Full Story: World Economic Forum (1/13) 
Why it matters: You know those silly pop-ups that bug you seemingly every time you visit a website? The ones that ask you if you want to allow or block notifications from that site? Well, Chrome and Firefox are taking steps to lessen the frequency of those intrusions so you can focus on browsing.
Full Story: Wired online (UK) (1/12) 
Why it matters: For many people, learning has evolved from a linear experience (get your education and go to work) to a continuum of lifelong learning (learn before and re-learn throughout your career). In this interview, Ravi Kumar, president at global IT services firm Infosys, details the ways colleges and universities tailor their course offerings to students who want/need a continual learning experience and what that means for the workforce of tomorrow.
Full Story: Knowledge@Wharton (1/13) 
For Your Viewing Pleasure
Why it matters: The "Jeopardy!" Greatest of All Time tournament has been leading in the ratings and sparking conversation this past week -- but it could come to an end tonight, if Ken Jennings wins his third match. I've loved having an extra hour of "Jeopardy!" almost every day, but I'm surprised that Brad Rutter hasn't fared better so far. If he or James Holzhauer, who's won one match, wins tonight (starting at 8 p.m. Eastern on ABC), the tournament will continue tomorrow. And if you've been inspired to try out for the show, sign up for the online test later this month. -- Cathy (the WYWW "Jeopardy!" expert)
Full Story: Quartz (tiered subscription model) (1/14),  New York Post (1/9) 
To Your Health
Why it matters: Bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics can cause serious problems and one of the ways bacteria become resistant is by working together. To tackle the problem, researchers have tested a chemical, antibacterial substance that removes the protective slime layer bacteria create that enhance collaboration.
Full Story: KU Leuven (Flanders, Belgium) (1/14) 
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This is Rad
Why it matters: In their never-ending quest to recruit and retain talent, companies have gone to great lengths to make the office a fun place to be. You can mock the companies that offer beer fridges, foosball, in-office concerts, nap pods, etc., but research suggests those perks work when it comes to keeping employees happy. This article examines things the social stars of the office (aka Chief Fun Officers) should consider when planning the good times.

Shout out to my colleague Aaron Lawrence. Before he moved to San Francisco to open SmartBrief's office in the City by the Bay, Aaron was the Chief Fun Officer at our HQ in DC. He's got mad ping-pong skills and the softball coaching acumen that should make Major League Baseball teams wanna offer him a managing contract. Hello, Astros? Ahem, Red Sox?
Full Story: The Conversation (1/14) 
Palm to Forehead
Why it matters: Kudos to the team at the National Security Agency. However, it says something about the information-sharing relationship between the NSA and Big Tech when one of the newsworthy aspects of this story is that the NSA opted to alert Microsoft about the flaw instead of weaponize it.
Full Story: Engadget (1/14) 
Your Future
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Happy Hour Fun
Why it matters: Fans sitting close to the action at sporting events might as well start buying extra beers for the athletes ... just in case they want to be a part of a viral celebration. This isn't the first beer-loving celebration in the NFL this year. And we'll always have this guy, who didn't even need to steal signs to become a World Series hero!
Full Story: CBS Sports (1/13) 
WYWW Playlist
Since I name-dropped my colleague Aaron Lawrence, I decided to let him pick today's song.

I created a WYWW playlist on Spotify to keep track of all the songs listed in this space. Enjoy!
Enjoy the View
Sunrise ... in over the Mississippi River in Louisiana, Missouri
I had no idea there was a place called Louisiana, Missouri on the banks of the Mississippi ... talk about confusing! This photo was taken by Sally Logan and submitted by Bob Wessler.
Full Story: Flickr (9/10) 
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Sean McMahon
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Shout out to my colleague Aaron Lawrence. Before he moved to San Francisco, Aaron was the Chief Fun Officer at SmartBrief's HQ in DC. He's got mad ping-pong skills and the softball coaching skills that should make Major League Baseball teams wanna offer him a managing contract. Hello, Astros? Ahem, Red Sox?

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