January 7, 2020
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Parents and kids had "the talk" ... about cybersecurity
Why it matters: It says a lot about the prevalence of technology in society when parents are deciding to have a cybersecurity "talk" with their kids ... in some cases long before they have that other kind of "talk."
Full Story: Quartz (tiered subscription model) (1/7) 
Why it matters: With the successful launch of 60 satellites, SpaceX is now the largest operator of commercial satellites in the world (and beyond this world, I guess). The company now has more than 170 satellites in orbit, most of which will be used as part of a constellation that will deliver broadband internet to paying customers on Earth. If you want to get a look at this latest batch of satellites in a night sky near you, here's how to do it.
Full Story: Gizmodo (1/7) 
Why it matters: Mobile devices can come into contact with a lot of germs. Think about how often you place your phone on a surface that might not be too clean. Not to mention all the things your hands touch before they touch your phone. Otterbox has developed a screen protector that fights bacteria, including E. coli and staph.
Full Story: Engadget (1/6) 
Why it matters: Toyota's plan to build a "city of the future" in the shadow of Mount Fuji will feature more than just autonomous vehicles. The company's Woven City is being designed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and will house about 2,000 people and feature internet technology in just about every aspect of daily life.
Full Story: The Guardian (London) (1/7) 
Why it matters: New research suggests adopting a kind and warm demeanor might help you live longer. There are a lot of caveats, but choosing kindness is worth a shot. You never know; the worst-case scenario is more people will like you while you are alive.
Full Story: Inc. online (1/6) 
For Your Viewing Pleasure
Why it matters: "Jeopardy!" has held many mega-tournaments during its 36 years on the air, but starting tonight, it's aiming to find its greatest player of all time. The three contestants are Ken Jennings, who won 74 consecutive games; Brad Rutter, who's won the most money of any contestant; and James Holzhauer, who dominated this past "Jeopardy!" season and won its Tournament of Champions. Personally, I think James will win, given that he's the youngest and has played the most recently. However, Brad has beaten Ken in almost all their previous matchups (a notable exception is the 2011 tournament that was won by IBM's Watson computer), so maybe he'll come through again this time. Above all, I hope the competition is fun for host Alex Trebek as he thinks about the end of his tenure. -- Cathy (the WYWW "Jeopardy!" expert)
Full Story: The Ringer (1/7) 
Alright WYWWers ... who ya got? Who do you think will be crowned the ultimate "Jeopardy!" champ?
VoteJames Holzhauer
VoteKen Jennings
VoteBrad Rutter
For Your Listening Pleasure
Why it matters: In a world where social media and the 24-hour news cycle mean we can get waaaaay too much information about certain musicians, I don't think we get enough news about Wyclef Jean. Fans of the legendary musician and producer know he hails from Haiti and rose to fame as part of The Fugees, but this podcast offers an entertaining look at Wyclef's move to the US at age 9 and details how a little bit of luck, a little bit audacity and a whole lot of talent propelled him to stardom.

More than the music: The story Wyclef tells about his early career mascot -- a rare, white Mexican goat -- is laugh-out-loud funny.
Full Story: The Ringer/Winging It with Vince Carter (1/6) 
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To Your Health
Why it matters: Well, we are 7 days into 2020. Have you stuck to your New Year's resolution? If your resolution is fitness related, remember the WYWW Workout playlist is ready to help you rock your workout. Hat tip to reader Michael Conway for emailing to urge me to update the playlist. Remember ... all the songs rock, but some were included for those who like to listen to the same song on repeat while they are working out.
Full Story: Spotify/WYWW Workout (1/7) 
This is Rad
Why it matters: I still don't understand how this technology works, but Delta Airlines is getting ready to use special TVs that display travelers' specific flight information. So instead of scanning a TV in an airport looking for your flight and gate information on a massive list, the screens know which customized info to show you.

Why it REALLY matters: The "parallel reality" technology that powers the screens means another traveler looking at the same screen will only see their customized flight info, not yours.
Full Story: Fast Company online (1/7) 
Why it matters: Two stories today about airlines taking steps to smooth the travel process ... American Airlines is installing Google Nest Hubs equipped with translation skills in some of its airport lounges. The Google Assistant interpreter mode on each device will help with translation in 29 languages.
Full Story: TechCrunch (tiered subscription model) (1/7) 
Your Future
Survey Results
Here are the results from yesterday's poll. There were 2,097 responses. I must admit I was surprised to see so many respondents say they don't have any video subscriptions. Really? No Netflix? No Amazon? No HBO? No ESPN? Wow.
To how many subscription-video services do you currently subscribe?
Two  26.16%
Zero  24.69%
Three  19.10%
One  18.74%
Four  7.06%
Five or more  4.25%
Happy Hour Fun
Why it matters: If you are working your way through a New Year's booze cleanse, this piece might provide some additional inspiration to stay the course. One tip everyone should try -- even those not a week into Dry January -- is called "A wake-up call on servings." Your standard pour might of wine or liquor be heavier than you realize.
Full Story: ABC News (1/7) 
WYWW Playlist
Asking me to choose my favorite Wyclef song is like asking me to choose my favorite child. Then again ... I only have two kids and Wyclef has waaaaay more than just two songs that I love. "Perfect Gentleman" wins because it was pretty much the anthem in every club when I backpacked around Europe in 2001, but "Sweetest Girl," "Hips Don't Lie" with Shakira and The Fugees' cover of "No Woman No Cry" are also awesome.

I created a WYWW playlist on Spotify to keep track of all the songs listed in this space. Enjoy!
Enjoy the View
Sunset ... Sunbright Beach, Santa Cruz, California
This photo was submitted by Annette Bertelsen.
Full Story: Flickr (9/10) 
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