Remote Contribution

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What important trends should radio engineers and managers know about in products that are used for remote audio contribution? Did COVID cause or accelerate any changes? What changes are being wrought by the cloud and virtualization?


Radio World’s latest free ebook explores these questions.


Power users Natasha Branch and Michael Cullen of NPR, Rodney Byrd of Beasley Media Group and George Molnar and Brian Oliger of Hubbard’s WTOP and Federal News Network comment on their applications.


Our sponsors weigh in with insights from tech experts Rafael Pérez López of Prodys, Chris Crump of Comrex, Doug Ferber of Tieline, Peter Howarth of AEQ, Brittany Hilton of Synthax/Digigram and Marty Sacks of Telos Alliance.


And veteran engineer and Radio World contributor Michael LeClair concludes the ebook with an essay about how remote contribution started and how it has evolved.


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