Trends in Consoles 2023

What is the most important trend in the design of consoles for radio broadcast studios? What will the console of the future look like, if we use one at all?


These are among the questions we explore in our new free ebook, which also is No. 100 since we launched Radio World ebooks in 2012.


How has the evolution of consoles into control surfaces changed the way radio engineers view them and plan around their installation? What are the implications of the cloud, today or down the road, for how radio stations use consoles and control surfaces? What new features and capabilities do consoles offer that weren’t available until recently?


We asked engineers, consultants and our sponsor manufacturers. They include Eric Boyer, Greg Carter, Roz Clark, Mike Dorris, Marc Hermann, Peter Howarth, Gary Kline, Luca La Rosa, Mike Maciejewski, Rick Rapalee, Brad Roybal and Jay Tyler.


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