Streaming for Radio in 2021

The headlines are everywhere: Weekly online listening is at an all-time high. Sirius bought Pandora; iHeart bought Triton. Smart speakers continue to proliferate. Everyone is talking about audio.


In Radio World’s ebook for June, we explore the premise that, if radio organizations want to succeed in this new wider audio world, streaming needs to be a bigger part of their business strategy.


We talked with expert consultants like Pierre Bouvard, Steve Goldstein, Fred Jacobs and David Bialik as well as numerous service providers — about how broadcasters can better monetize their streams, how they can improve sound quality, how they can promote their streams more aggressively. And we explain key terminology.


Also, what information can data analytics give managers now about their listeners? How should streaming strategies overlap with deployment for smart speakers, apps and voice-controlled car infotainment systems? Do streaming and podcasting benefit or conflict with one another in a media strategy? And what does the rollout of hybrid radio mean for radio stations that stream? 


We explore these questions and more. Read it here.

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