A Worldwide Radio Platform for Automotive


This newly revised ebook, brought to you by Radio World and Xperi, provides an introduction to the DTS AutoStage platform and an update on its integration by carmakers and its adoption by broadcasters.


DTS AutoStage is intended to allow listeners to discover, identify and interact with radio much as they do with pure-play digital platforms, using an intuitive visual or voice interface, and encouraging them to continue to use radio as their primary audio source in the car. In addition, Xperi says access to additional programming and services from stations will strengthen radio brands, increase time spent listening and deliver increased value to advertisers.


This special 40-page ebook includes insights from thought leaders like Pierre Bouvard of Cumulus Media/Westwood One, Steve Shultis of New York Public Radio, Steve Newberry of Quu, John Clark of NAB PILOT and Jaime Chaux of Commercial Radio & Audio in Australia, as well as experts from Xperi.


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