MPX in the Digital Age

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Multiplex, also known as composite or baseband and abbreviated MPX, is the 100 kHz-wide combination of analog signals typically used to modulate the exciter for FM stereo broadcast transmission.


“While methods to transport discrete and multi-channel audio, video and control have evolved and adapted as new technologies came and old technologies went, the often-critical link carrying MPX has not been so easily adapted for carriage on modern networks,” writes author Ed Bukont in the introduction to the latest Radio World ebook.


“The consolidation of studio and transmitter facilities, the erosion of protected spectrum for microwave communications and the availability of relatively cheap bandwidth in wired and wireless devices are all considerations in how we continue to use MPX in the digital age.”


The ebook explores use of the composite FM signal of mono, stereo pilot and stereo subcarrier, in a digital form. Products and technologies built around MPX have brought new flexibility to radio broadcasters in how they design their signal chains. Read what Bukont and experts from our sponsors Telos Alliance, WorldCast Systems, Digigram and Thimeo Audio Technology have to say about this topic.


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