Delayed Care During COVID-19

COVID-19 coming has brought unprecedented disruption to the health system. This is particularly evident in the standard techniques that payers use for risk stratification. Until recently, they could pinpoint risk using historical data to spot patterns, flag at-risk patients and populations, and predict future trends. This no longer is possible, because predictive analytics require a steady state, and there is nothing steady about the state of the health care system in 2020.


COVID-19 is creating financial consequences for the industry and unintended health consequences for health plan members. Fortunately, prescriptive analytics enabled by validated AI better identifies people with risks and vulnerabilities and can provide specific interventions to change their risk trajectory.


Now more than ever, smarter data analysis and AI are essential.

With updated AI technology that correctly predicts and classifies risk, payers can be assured they are providing the best care on the fastest possible timeline for members who need it. Download the whitepaper to learn more.