Expert business news curation and aggregation meet mobile.

The SmartBrief Mobile app extends the reach of the SmartBrief e-newsletter service by allowing you to read, manage, save and share top news stories pertinent to your industry while on-the-go — with or without a network connection.

The app saves you time and keeps you smart, allowing you to:
  • Quickly scan top industry news
  • Read editor-driven summaries of the most relevant industry news
  • Easily review a month's worth of SmartBrief content
  • Store content for later reading
  • Quickly access full articles
  • Easily share stories
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is SmartBrief?
SmartBrief is a media company on a mission to save you time and keep you smart. The premise behind SmartBrief is simple: there's too much information out there and too little time in the day to read it all. Our editors hand-pick the most relevant and important news from all over, summarize it, link to the original sources and deliver it -- for FREE.
What does the app offer?
Our mobile app allows you to access and manage your SmartBrief subscriptions while on the go.
Do I need to be a SmartBrief subscriber to use the app?
No, simply enter an email address and password to start getting content. If you are already a SmartBrief subscriber, login with your existing email and password and all of your briefs will automatically populate your briefcase. You can also choose to sign in later, but you will only be able to see briefs in the app, not in your inbox.
Is all SmartBrief content available within the app?
Currently, not all SmartBrief e-newsletters are available within our mobile applications, but we are continually working to expand the content available within the app. For e-newsletters that aren't currently available in the app, you can always subscribe for the free email subscription here.
How is my email address used?
SmartBrief is an opt-in-service only to protect your account from spam. SmartBrief tracks anonymous usage data in order to continually improve your experience. For more information, please view the complete SmartBrief privacy policy.
How long is content available?
Stories are available for 30 days after which they disappear unless you save them.
How is the content organized?
SmartBrief's news content is organized in industry specific e-newsletters. We partner with 160+ trade associations and professional societies to produce e-newsletters spanning over 20+ industries. Within the app, these e-newsletters, or briefs, are available to add to a "briefcase", where you can easily manage multiple briefs and view all of the news stories they contain.
Can I read any content offline?
Yes, you can read headlines and summaries for every brief in your briefcase without a network connection. However, a network connection is required to read the original source article or add new briefs.


How do I know how many stories are unread?
Similar to other applications, the number to the right of a brief in your briefcase tells you how many unread stories you have. When viewing a story list, those stories that are bold are unread.
How do I delete stories?
The SmartBrief app doesn't support fully deleting articles, old stories disappear forever after 30 days unless you star them. You can hide ones that you've already read by using the "Show Unread" functionality at the bottom of your list of stories.
How can I save a story?
To save a story and add it to your Favorites list, tap the 'star' icon for a story on the Favorites, Story List or Summary screen. If you no longer wish to save a story, tap the 'star' icon to deselect it on the Favorites, Story List or Summary screen.
Can I share a story?
Yes, click the 'share' icon to share SmartBrief content via email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
How do I refresh the app for new stories?
The app automatically downloads new stories and checks for new subscriptions on a regular basis. In Android, you can also manually refresh at any time by tapping the 'refresh' icon.

Tricks and Tips

How do I reorder my briefs?
Tap 'Edit' from the Briefcase screen and use the controls to the right of each brief to rearrange the order of your briefs.
How do I remove a brief from my Briefcase or unsubscribe?
Tap 'Edit' from the Briefcase screen, select a brief to manage the options for that brief.


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