September 15, 2021
SmartBrief on Your Career
Getting Ahead
Great presentations inspire audiences to take action by deploying what Denise Lee Yohn calls "persuasion, pictures, pathway and practical application." "Given how short people's attention spans are these days, you need to bring them along with you through every step of your message," she says in this blog post and video.
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9 skills to turn you into a workplace energizer
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Energizers in a workplace focus on nine skills, including balancing what they ask of others with what they are willing to do and continually connecting and collaborating -- even if they are naturally introverted. Energizers are "essential employees who, should they decide to go somewhere else, their company would start to feel enthusiasm and mission-focused collaboration fade," writes Rob Cross, a professor of leadership at Babson College.
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Great teams require psychological safety, clearly defined roles and no egos, according to eight leaders interviewed by Scott Eblin. "Build a team who understands that great work comes from the recognition that no work is beneath you," says Leigh Chaney, corporate director of CAMC University at Charleston Area Medical Center in West Virginia.
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Hire Smart
Companies fighting to retain prized workers should engage in "re-recruiting," writes Karen Crone, CHRO of Paycor. That means evaluating employees to target them with praise for good work, as well as opportunities for training and challenging assignments, which can "help deepen an employee's connection with their manager and the company," she says.
Full Story: HRO Today (9/13) 
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The Landscape
Zoom's workforce doubled as the online meeting platform became "ubiquitous" during the pandemic, and the company also had to face the same hurdles as other workplaces in transitioning to remote work, said Lynne Oldham, Zoom's chief people officer. "Just in that first six weeks, we grew from 10 million in daily meeting participants to 300 million," Oldham said, which "was 'the big aha.'"
Full Story: HR Dive (9/14) 
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Balancing Yourself
Schedule deliberate downtime between events and projects to remain effective and prevent burnout, writes Juliet Funt, who calls the concept "the wedge." Funt outlines four motivators of workplace activity and how we can avoid going overboard in any of those areas.
Full Story: Leadership Now (9/13) 
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The Water Cooler
People came face-to-face with their chronological age
It started with a simple question on Reddit: "When did you realize that you are officially 'not young' anymore?" It can be an eye-opener to hear your class song on the oldies channel or to be waved through at an event where everyone else is being carded.
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