Weight loss at any rate improves health markers, study finds | Report: 48% of US adults have CVD under new hypertension guidelines | Research finds lack of CV risk factor control in diabetes
February 7, 2019
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Weight loss at any rate improves health markers, study finds
Losing weight, whether quickly or slowly, reduces risk factors for heart disease and diabetes the same amount, according to a Canadian review of 11,000 weight-loss participants published in the Journal of Obesity. However, the increased risk of gallstones with faster weight loss means that more gradual weight loss, at the recommended 1 to 2 pounds a week, is a safer option, study leader Jennifer Kuk said.
HealthDay News (2/5) 
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Report: 48% of US adults have CVD under new hypertension guidelines
Report: 48% of US adults have CVD under new hypertension guidelines
(Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
Approximately 48% of US adults, or 121.5 million people, had coronary heart disease, stroke, heart failure or hypertension in 2016, a sharp increase from 92 million in the prior report, according to the American Heart Association's Heart and Stroke Statistics annual report published in Circulation. The increase was largely driven by the change in hypertension guidelines, which lowered the threshold to 130/80 mm Hg from 140/90 mm Hg.
CNN (1/31),  HealthDay News (1/31) 
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Research finds lack of CV risk factor control in diabetes
A study in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism showed that only 21.6% of diabetes patients achieved composite control of all four risk factor targets for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease -- A1C, blood pressure, LDL cholesterol and not smoking -- with women having a lower overall risk factor control rate at 18.6%, compared with men at 23.6%. Researchers analyzed data from the Diabetes Collaborative Registry involving 74,393 patients and found that 85.2% of patients were nonsmokers, 73.6% met individual A1C targets, 69% achieved BP targets and 48.6% met LDL cholesterol targets.
Endocrinology Advisor (2/1) 
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Emerging Trends
Impaired glucose tolerance, hypertension up risk for diabetes, CVD
A study in the Journal of Diabetes showed a 25% increase in diabetes risk for every 1-mmol/L increase in 2-hour plasma glucose at baseline and a 9% increase in diabetes risk for every 10-mm Hg increase in systolic blood pressure among patients with hypertension. Chinese researchers also found that those with hypertension at baseline had a higher risk for cardiovascular events, compared with participants without hypertension.
Healio (free registration)/Endocrine Today (2/5) 
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Teen e-cigarette use could be gateway to smoking
Researchers found that teens who started off vaping were over four times more likely to begin smoking traditional cigarettes than teens who had never used e-cigarettes, according to a study in JAMA Network Open. The study also found that adolescents who initially showed no interest in smoking cigarettes were 8.57 times more likely to take up the practice after first vaping.
Reuters (2/1),  MedPage Today (free registration) (2/1) 
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Other News
Advance your nursing education 100% online
Maryville University offers 6 nursing programs and 5 concentrations accredited by the CCNE and taught 100% online by our experienced faculty. Join our nursing community today and take the next step toward becoming the nurse you want to be.
Nursing in the News
5 tips for the nursing job hunt
A nursing job search can take a long time, so patience is the first requirement. Rely on your connections, give your resume a thorough going-over, consider expanding your search and don't burn bridges at your current job.
Daily Nurse (2/4) 
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PCNA Update
New heart failure patient tools
We have two new heart failure tools for you to use with patients. Our new interactive digital guide, Enjoying Life While Managing Heart Failure, is available in English and Spanish and may be used in the clinical setting or at home. The focus is on what patients need to know after a diagnosis of heart failure. Our other new heart failure tool, Heart Failure: What You Need to Know, is a folded 11x17 sheet intended to be used in the transition from hospital to home. Available printed or as a digital download, it can be used either on its own, or as a cover for one or more of PCNA's other printed heart failure sheets. Get the tools.
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Sharonne Hayes, M.D., to give opening keynote at PCNA's Cardiovascular Nursing Symposium
Sharonne N. Hayes, M.D., founder of the Women's Heart Clinic at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN will discuss "Women and CVD: Creating Awareness and Making Prevention a Priority" during her Opening Keynote session. Dr. Hayes has had a long-standing interest in sex-and- gender-based cardiology and caring for a wide variety of cardiovascular conditions that occur primarily or differently in women. Her interests span the realms of prevention, diagnosis and treatments across women's lifespan. Learn more.
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