N.Y. space effectively serves kids and their parents | Tactics to improve small-business growth | Opinion: Multicultural marketing trends to keep on the radar
January 9, 2020
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N.Y. space effectively serves kids and their parents
After leaving their corporate jobs, Noria Morales and Sarah Robinson opened The Wonder, a family-friendly destination that offers play space for kids and a lounge area for adults. "When we sent it to our small group of friends, many of whom are working mothers, it clearly resonated," Morales said.
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Caring for Customers
Tactics to improve small-business growth
Growth is a critical element in building a successful business, and Lyndsey Lang of Fattmerchant discusses the different strategies you can use. Bundling products to increase market penetration, forging strategic partnerships and participating in trade shows are all techniques to consider.
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Opinion: Multicultural marketing trends to keep on the radar
Mario X. Carrasco rounds up trends marketers should watch for as multicultural campaigns become the norm. Microtargeting, in-store purchasing and pickup options, and cultural relevance all play a part in reaching multicultural audiences, he writes.
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Keeping Shop
Don't let a hacker be your downfall
Don't let a hacker be your downfall
Small businesses are being increasingly targeted by hackers, and it's important to understand the threats and have contingencies in place. Noting that nearly 60% of businesses that are attacked are forced to fold, Amanda Knaebel offers a list of ways entrepreneurs can better protect their digital assets.
Security Boulevard (1/8) 
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Former CEO: Connect with people before leading them
Bridget-ann Hart, who recently retired as president and CEO of KPH Healthcare Services, says that employees need to have their fears addressed before the conversation can turn to what the business must do. "When times are good, you can lead people with their minds, but, when times are bad, you have to lead them through their hearts," she says.
The Post-Standard (Syracuse, N.Y.) (1/7) 
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SmartBrief Reader Forum
Thoughts and opinions from SmartBrief readers
Are you working on you? Questions for improving the quality of your leadership
Here are a number of questions you may consider to improve your awareness and the quality of your leadership.

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Managing the Money
What to include in your P&L statement
To help stay on top of your responsibilities as a small-business owner, it's important to have a profit-and-loss statement. Among other things, information in the P&L document should include sales revenue, non-operating income, operating costs and taxes, writes Michelle Black.
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Financing resources for entrepreneurs with disabilities
There are a number of financing options for entrepreneurs with disabilities, writes Janet Gershen-Siegel of Credit Suite. Options include financing from nonprofit groups and loan programs provided by various states.
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Tips & Tools
Identify, visualize and act to change your behaviors
Change unwanted behaviors by identifying the positive value from a new way of thinking or behaving, then visualize yourself acting in that way and map out a strategy, writes Terry Watkins of The Ken Blanchard Cos. Watkins shares how she pushed herself to speak up early and often while continuing to listen carefully to others.
Blanchard LeaderChat (1/7) 
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Why Lily's Sweets' CEO doesn't compare herself to others
Jane Miller, CEO of Lily's Sweets, believes it's more important to focus inward to achieve key business goals than it is to compare yourself to others. "Really, if you are running a race, don't look at the time of the person next to you," she says, adding, "look at your own time and what was the goal you set for yourself."
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It's shocking that it didn't exist, and that's how badly people wanted it.
Sarah Robinson, co-founder of The Wonder, as quoted by Radio
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