Ice cream entrepreneurs approach their business a little differently | How to use predictive analytics to elevate experience | 3 ways to avoid sabotaging your business
October 7, 2019
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Ice cream entrepreneurs approach their business a little differently
Combining a passion for ice cream and brewing, Jeffrey and Kehmally McCauley started The Dutch Udder as a food cart before opening their own storefront. The business offers about 100 flavors in rotation and six staple flavors.
The Record (Troy, N.Y.) (10/5) 
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Caring for Customers
How to use predictive analytics to elevate experience
Marketers should use predictive analytics to create excellent data-driven experiences for customers, starting by identifying an end goal and mapping analytics to each buying journey stage to deliver experiences that are relevant, Wilson Raj writes. Be transparent with customers about how your company is using their data to enhance their experience and invest in artificial intelligence to benefit from real-time insights, Raj writes.
Chief Marketer (10/3) 
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Keeping Shop
3 ways to avoid sabotaging your business
Running a business is already hard enough without making mistakes that sabotage your efforts, writes Aimee Tariq, founder and CEO of A Life With Health. It's important to learn to embrace change, have an open mind and bring on employees to help, delegating tasks so you can focus on the big picture.
Entrepreneur online (10/6) 
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The dangers of employee burnout
The dangers of employee burnout
Employees putting in more than 60 hours per week are prone to feeling overworked and less satisfied in their jobs, and they battle poor mental and physical health, according to a survey from Sleep Junkie. Employers can help support their workers by watching for signs of burnout, talking with those working excessive hours and encouraging all staff to prioritize work-life balance.
Inc. online (10/3) 
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Managing the Money
Considerations to keep in mind when choosing a credit card processor
Before choosing a credit card processor, it's important to understand what's involved, writes columnist Adam Uzialko. Consider what type of payments you'll be processing, how you plan to accept credit cards and the pricing models and fee structures -- which can be negotiable.
Business (10/5) 
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Fast tactics to get your inventory in order
As the holiday season approaches, there are three important metrics to consider for effective inventory management, writes Jake Rheude, director of marketing at Red Stag Fulfillment. Determine a safety stock level that works for you, come up with an appropriate reorder point and be willing to cut dead stock to free up space in your warehouse, Rheude advises.
Business 2 Community (10/4) 
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Tips & Tools
Focus on the individual for meaningful conversations
Conversations can be more meaningful if we focus individually on people's stories and value even as we establish boundaries around the interaction, Jeremy Chandler writes. "Whether it's drama they've experienced that day or something from their past, it's important to remember every person is in the middle of a story when they meet you," he writes.
Thin Difference (10/3) 
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News You Can Use
Survey shows 60% of restaurant dining is off-premises
Off-premises orders including drive-thru, takeout and delivery now account for about 60% of restaurant dining occasions, according to new research from the National Restaurant Association and Technomic. "In today's on-demand world, off-premises capabilities are more important than ever to keep restaurants aligned with the wants and needs of its customers," said Hudson Riehle, the Association's senior vice president for research and knowledge.
Nation's Restaurant News (free registration) (10/2) 
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Every business plan is different because every business is different.
Jeffrey McCauley, co-owner of The Dutch Udder, as quoted by The Record
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